Regent Color Story: What Makes Regent, Regent

Being student at Regent University is so much more than just attending classes and pulling all-nighters. Each part of campus is unique to life at Regent, making every journey special and quirky!

How do students celebrate their “student-dom” at Regent? Some stick their toes in the fountain at the first sign of spring. Others take naps on the couches on the third floor of the library in between classes (it’s quiet up there!). Drivers skillfully maneuver their cars to avoid the slow walking geese who think they own campus; pedestrians plan their movements carefully as to not step in the goose poop filled sidewalks. Residents of the Commons put off sleep so they can enjoy late night worship sessions in the stairwells. The next morning, those same sleep deprived students make a run to Café Moka and get into deep, theological discussions over macchiatos. Undergrads and graduate students alike spend end hours upon hours studying and pouring over books in the library. Backs hunched over computers with earbuds plugged into their ears playing music. Classical? Pop? Indie Folk? Dubstep? All of the above. When stomachs grumble after long scholastic pursuits, both professors and students trek to the Ordinary and order their favorite meal. In the cold months, feeling is regained in cold hands and feet by sitting in front of the orange and red flames of the fireplace in the dining hall.

Warm days are spent relaxing by the fountain or on the steps of the library. A short walk is taken to Robertson field where one can admire our chancellor’s horses from afar. Students visit with their advisors and with faculty members just because. Time is spent wondering about campus with no definite plan in mind. Many kneel in front of the wooden cross that’s near the eternal flame. And the eternal flame! Well, that’s a Regent landmark in itself. It reminds all on campus of Regent’s mission to spread God’s message and love to every corner of the earth. It lifts bodies, spirits, and souls.

The newest additions to campus, the Chapel and Divinity Classroom building, offer solitude in the busiest moments of life. The stained glass masterpiece tells the story of Jesus’ ascension to Heaven. Students populate the prayer room to sit quietly for a while. Many students dirtied themselves by racing boats in the Common’s Regatta race and in games of flag football. Students laugh as they spot their friends in Regent brochures. Memories are made at Harvest Fest, the End of the Year BBQ, and the annual Christmas Ball. Daily life at Regent is anything but normal. What makes Regent, your Regent?