The Living Word comes to life at Regent

Last week, Regent was given the honor of hosting a traveling exhibit featuring over fifty Biblical artifacts, called “The Living Word: Ancient Treasures from Biblical History.”  Owned by Steve Green, president and founder of Hobby Lobby, the artifacts displayed were a part of the world’s largest privately-owned collection of Biblical antiquities.

This collection—titled “Sacra Pagina,” Latin for “the sacred word”—remained in Regent’s library atrium for four days, drawing people from all over to see a piece of Biblical history for themselves.

Included in the exhibit were such treasures as the earliest known surviving Bible, several fragments of cuneiform tablets, a complete Torah Scroll, the Meghilla Esther Scroll and much more.  The free event was also accompanied by a series of speakers who provided a commentary on the spiritual and historical significance of the artifacts present.  Regent is one of a limited number of venues to have hosted the exhibit—a number which even includes one stop at the Vatican.

Green has announced plans to open a museum of Biblical history in Washington, DC, to one day provide a permanent home for his collection.  According to Christianity Today, “the museum will feature the history, contents, and influence of the Bible but will leave it up to visitors to decide whether to believe the holy book.”  The museum is expected to open in late 2016.