Members of Student Activities Board give time, effort putting together annual Pancake Feast

The annual Pancake Feast a delicious success thanks to thoughtful leadership.

On Nov. 30, at 10 p.m., Regent University’s Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted its annual Pancake Feast, located in the Library Atrium. Many contributed in putting the event together, including the head of the entertainment committee, Trevor Hayes, as well as other SAB and executive board members. All hands were on deck in decorating the tables, serving the pancakes, checking and confirming student ID’s before entering, and providing local entertainment. Hundreds of students flocked to the atrium to enjoy hot, fresh pancakes served with their choice of toppings and hot chocolate for a warm side. It was beginning to look like Christmas on that night!

Regent University Library Atrium Decorated

Regent University Library Atrium decorated, Virginia Beach, V.A., Nov. 2017. (Jonathan Pflegl)

The who and why

Just what exactly is SAB? According to the Regent University website, “The Regent University Student Activities Board is an organization that provides entertainment, activities, cultural and educational experiences for the campus. The board exists to maintain campus traditions and enrich the community of Regent University. Its members serve the campus in order to provide a holistic collegiate experience.” Why did SAB choose to do a pancake feast, as part of its many on-campus events? Sean Moore, the President of SAB, had this to say: “The pancake feast is one of our traditional events… [SAB has been] doing it long before I actually came here… I know a lot of college campuses do a pancake breakfast, lunch, or dinner, when it comes close to finals… that’s why we always have the Pancake Feast the Thursday before finals.” When asked how SAB follows the Regent motto ‘Christian Leadership to Change the World,’ Moore added that SAB has “over 48 active members. We have five different committees that run events, so we give a lot of leadership opportunities to students that might be brand new to having a job. We really do our best to get them ready for being in a work environment.”

The Pancake Feast has been one of Regent’s finest campus traditions for a while, although its origins aren’t specifically mentioned. The feast gives students a much needed break from studying for finals while providing a sense of fellowship and community and honoring God. As 1 Corinthians 10: 31 states, “so whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Regent students enjoying their pancakes , Virginia Beach, V.A., Nov. 2017. (Jonathan Pflegl)

A full and happy student body

How did students feel about the pancake feast? The answers were unanimous: “It’s good. I’m really enjoying it. You did well in setting this up.” The photo (right) displays students engaging in conversation, and in some cases, just being silly. They enjoy each other’s company. The tables were covered with red and green paper for students to color on, and board games were laid out on some tables as well to add more to the social interaction. They also had the opportunity to have their photos taken with Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and one of the reindeer, as Moore referenced during the interview. Noah Berry, another contributing member for SAB, dressed up as jolly Old Saint Nick. On top of all this, Regent University’s own improvisational comedy performing group, the Varsity Improv Players, took time out of their schedule to perform for the students in attendance. It was quite a night.

In summary, the Student Activities Board organization at Regent University showcased their Christ-centered leadership qualities last night. In fact, after the event concluded, members of the Entertainment Board committee of SAB stayed to clean up. They all knew what they had to do, and did not leave until the job was done. No member was left with all the responsibilities, and the students who attended the pancake feast left with full stomachs and satisfied moods. The people treated each other with respect, care for one another, friendliness, and above all, commitment to the goal at hand. They maintained an effective Christ-like servant leadership mentality; like Christ in his ministry, SAB served its community out of love, honor, and humility, and will continue to serve through these biblical principles. That’s what it’s all about!

Jonathan Pflegl is a Staff Writer for The Daily Runner


Jonathan Pflegl

Jonathan Pflegl

Jonathan is an undergraduate student at Regent University majoring in Communications. He hopes to be a Christian leader to change the world by becoming a sports writer for major media outlets and magazines.