United Pursuit leads Regent in worship

This past Friday, students crowded into Regent University’s theater for a night of worship featuring special guest United Pursuit.  Native of Knoxville, TN, the band of six introduced themselves as a group of friends who love to worship, whether on stage or in the comfort of someone’s living room.  Known for songs like “Fill Me Up” and “Set a Fire,” many in attendance were likely familiar with their music from Sunday morning worship or even UnChapel.  Overall, these and numerous other songs created for an incredible night of worship that many will not soon forget.

dr6“The music really blessed my soul.  You could feel the Holy Spirit was [there], and you could see that everyone was having a good time.  That’s the best part about concerts like that,” said Devin McCray.

“I thought it was really cool!  I know that at UnChapel we sing a lot of United Pursuit’s songs, so I knew it was going to be cool,” said Lauren Pell.  “The music was beautiful and everybody was just so pumped . . .  so it was a really good time, and the Lord spoke to me.”

“I loved [it]!  The atmosphere that the band created was so refreshing and much needed,” said Nichole Foster.

“I really enjoy Will Reagan,” said Michael Wilcher in reference to the group’s lead singer.  “I love his songwriting style.  I love that he’s got a real heart for worship, and it’s not just, ‘I want to play in front of big crowds and lead big worship.’  It’s more like, ‘I want to bring people into my living room.’  Those were his exact words . . . ‘Look, this is our living room.  Welcome to our living room.’  I just really like that he made us feel at home.”

“It was so calm . . . but so full of the Spirit at the same time,” said Shane Brown.  “It was cool—definitely a good experience.”