What Now: A Christian’s Response to the Overturn of Roe v Wade

On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States made history by voting to overturn a woman’s right to an abortion as outlined in the Roe v. Wade ruling. Many Christians across the nation rejoiced at the news of the overturn and many viewed this as a victory for the Pro-Life movement. In the wake of such a monumental event, it can be tempting for believers to sit back and take a break from the fight for life; however, there are still many things to be accomplished that require time, money, and prayer. In the months to come, it is essential that believers interact with grace and truth in the midst of this spiritual and political minefield. 

Engage with State Officials

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito spoke for the majority vote and said one of the major reasons for the overturn of this controversial ruling was due to the Justices’ belief that the Constitution does not grant women the right to an abortion. By removing the federal mandate, the Supreme Court has given each state the right to decide if they will continue to openly legalize abortion, place restrictions, or completely ban it. Many state officials are still trying to decide how they will handle the sudden freedom to dictate what abortion looks like in their respective states. One major way believers can help is by reaching out to their state officials and sharing their thoughts on abortion. Pray for courage, peace, and wisdom for officials as they navigate the difficult waters of abortion laws. Encourage your officials to look beyond the politics of the issue and put in place laws that reflect their moral convictions.

Create Healthy Dialogue Between Parties 

Many people are glad to see Roe v. Wade overturned, yet there are also many people who feel the government is taking away women’s autonomy and right to choose. Abortion is a sensitive topic, and it is often the catalyst for ugly fights that can cause irreparable divides between friends and family members. With this in mind, pro-life supporters should strive to show compassion to pro-choice adherents in an attempt to create a dialogue between these two groups. Instead of arguing with someone who believes differently than you, ask questions and be unrelenting in your curiosity. Seek to understand why they feel upset, sad, and wronged by stricter abortion laws and try to have a conversation. Listen to their criticism and be willing to offer counter-opinions in a respectful way. If opposing parties choose to be brave and engage in honest dialogue, God’s truth will reveal itself.

Be Aware of Your Christian Influence

It is necessary for the Church to consider how they treat pregnant women. Stricter abortion laws will lead more women to experience difficult and unwanted pregnancies. According to Verywell health, 76% of abortions are due to financial struggles, bad timing, and partner-related reasons. Now that abortion is not an option for many of these women, they will likely feel overwhelmed and upset by their challenging circumstances. Instead of ostracizing single, pregnant women, look for ways to help them. Whether that means a weekly phone call, tagging along to doctor appointments, or even providing a meal after delivery, the church has the resources and ability to help many women feel less alone as they begin their journey of motherhood.

In closing, while the overturn of Roe v Wade is a refreshing reminder of God’s work within the United States government, it is also a challenge to the church. Now that abortion access is no longer federally mandated, how will we respond? Will we allow the Supreme Court’s decision to push us into complacency and decide that our role in the pro-life fight is over? Or will we recognize that this is only the beginning of the next phase of our mission?


Emilee Speier

Emilee Speier is a senior studying journalism and criminal justice. In addition to working at the Daily Runner, she has also completed internships with Lifeway Christian Resources and the Virginia Beach General District Court.