Virginia Band ‘The Consolation’ & Composer Paul Zhao Join ‘Jennie’ Animated Short

The diverse team working on the film ‘Jennie,’ directed by Jaron Weatherly and Courtland Hodges, is expanding! Local Virginia indie-rock band ‘The Consolation’ has officially come on board with the animated short, which is entering its ninth month in production.

‘The Consolation’ is an indie-rock band from Lynchburg, Virginia. The members are Joshua Sosin (vocals and guitar), Sommer Wofford (vocals and piano), Molly Corbet (acoustic guitar), Ryan Huston (electric guitar), Dalton Shaffer (bass), and Benja Schick (drums). These friends have been making music since 2019, experimenting with their sound through the release of multiple singles and two EPs. ‘The Consolation’ unites folk songwriting with alternative rock and flares of modern pop. The band is known for their creative visuals, visceral lyrics, and engaging live shows. 

“We’ve never done something like this before, but we’ve always wanted to!” says Sosin. “This project feels like the perfect match for our energy as a band sonically, and we’re excited to see the whole thing come together.”

The film will feature an original song during the credits written and performed by the band. They will also do vocal enhancements to the original score, which is being crafted by the film’s composer Paul Zhao. “I could not be more excited to partner with such musically creative forces!” says Weatherly. “The gifts of the band and Paul will provide the auditory atmosphere of Italy and the emotion of our story.”

Zhao noted, “Writing a compelling story may be one of the most challenging quests any director can embark on. Yet, Jaron and the team behind ‘Jennie’ have persistently proved their talent and workmanship through the meetings and discussions I’ve had with them. It is my joy and honor to be a part of telling this tale of family and heritage.”

The short film is set to officially wrap production in mid-October, with the release of an EP soundtrack following soon after. As previously announced, Ben D’Oleo returns to edit the 2D animated film. Before releasing to the public, ‘Jennie’ aims to complete a full cycle within the festival circuit.

‘Jennie’ is produced in association with Klaves Productions and will be distributed under Jaron Weatherly’s Attic Orpheum Productions new animation banner.

To learn more about ‘The Consolation,’ visit their Spotify and Instagram accounts.