Ten Activities to Help You Spring into Spring

Winter was challenging this year at its very best. Blizzards and ice storms brought massive power outages and destruction across large sections of the country. Now the flowers are beginning to bloom. The grass is turning green, and the weather is warming. It’s time to get out, shake off the winter blues, and enjoy the fresh air. Spring has finally arrived. This week, I’m offering 10 activities that you can do with little or no cost, depending on where you live. So, let’s get out, have some fun, and enjoy life!

Take a bike ride 

Going for a bike ride can promote good heart health, but it is also relaxing fun. Children and adults often enjoy pedaling through neighborhoods or country communities in the moderate spring temperatures. With this idea, I would make a few safety recommendations, including wearing a helmet and bright-colored clothing, riding during daylight hours, following bicycle safety rules and rules of the road, and keeping watch for inclement weather. If you’re curious about bicycle road rules, you can check them out right here.

Don’t have a bicycle, the gear needed, or the extra finance to buy new? Maybe Google could help. Look up local thrift stores, resale shops, or pawn shops for used bikes. Check marketplaces on social media and visit yard sales, flea markets to find a treasure others overlooked.

Head to the park 

To me, local parks symbolizes spring and summer fun, so go check them out! They often have tennis courts, basketball courts, a small skateboard park, swings, tetter-totters, sandboxes and picnic tables. It’s a reliable source for fun for individuals or groups. Take your lunch along and have a picnic too, enjoying the outdoors and the companionship of family or friends.

Go to the beach 

It may not be warm enough in some places to go to the beach, but here in Florida, it’s perfect beach weather. The sand is warm. The wind is strong. The roar of the waves soon lulls you to sleep as you stretch out on your blanket or towel. The salt air benefits the respiratory system, and sunshine contains vitamin D, so going to the beach can benefit your health while you’re relaxing on the sand. Wherever you are, I would definitely see if there is a beach or lake near you where you can relax by the water. However, there are precautions. I recommend sunscreen, as sunburns can lead to skin cancer and sunglasses, as the sun’s glare may cause cataracts for some.

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Surfer riding the waves along Florida’s east coast. Photographer Robyn Spradlin

Fly a kite  

While you’re at the beach, you might enjoy flying a kite. Kites were an enjoyment as a child and still are as an adult. It’s a simple but pleasurable activity any time of the year. In the spring, the wind seems more robust, so that enhances the opportunity. If you choose to do it at the beach, the breeze is available year-round.

My grandfather told me how to hold the kite, with the wind hitting its face. He explained how to release my grip, giving string length, as I ran into the wind. It wasn’t long before my kite soared high above me. The memories are enjoyable, but flying a kite is great fun. Check out building a kite here

Go berry picking 

I picked berries with my grandparents when I was small. It was a yearly event. I remember carrying my little bucket as we walked along the fencerow and gathered wild blackberries. I ate as many as I picked. I’m not sure how we ended up with enough for jelly or ice cream. However, berries might or might not be ready, depending on your location.

Blackberries are picked from May thru September. The earlier time frames begin in the south. Florida strawberries are ripe in February and blueberries in April and May. However, if you live in Alaska, you’ll have to wait until July and August for blueberries.

Go for a walk

Whether it’s along the beach, down a country road, or around the block in your neighborhood, going for a walk is not only good exercise. It reduces stress and anxiety. Walk with a friend, a pet or alone—the who isn’t as important as the what. Drink in the sights and sounds of nature around you. Relax.

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Judith & Vince Shehorn walking along South Beach in Ft. Pierce, Fla.
Photographer Robyn Spradlin

Go to a baseball game

Living in Florida, many of the major league baseball teams train within a few minutes or miles during the spring. Spring training games are enjoyable, and the determination to win just as intense as the regular season. Going to a ballpark near you can be an outing for the whole family/friend group or an afternoon or evening getting away for one.

Take a horseback ride

Horseback riding is known for being “therapeutic” to those who have special needs. It stands to reason that if horseback riding can help those who suffer mental or physical challenges, it would also help those who do not. There is no greater sense of independence or responsibility than when you’re on a horse. It is soothing, calming and exhilarating all at the same time.

Don’t own a horse? Don’t have room for a horse? Check out a local stable, horseback riding instructors or trail riding groups. They may offer horses to rent or guided trail rides. Make friends with someone who has horses and needs help exercising them, then volunteer.

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Florida Cracker Trail ride horses breaking for lunch. Photographer Robyn Spradlin

Plant flowers or a garden

Gardening is not for everyone, but some people enjoy digging in the dirt and witnessing the beauty and bounty that follows. Try planting flowers this spring. Plant a garden, and maybe you’ll not have to buy as many groceries.

Enjoy the outdoors 

The last and biggest recommendation of all is, get outside and enjoy yourself. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation around us. Scripture teaches us that He created the earth and its fullness for us to enjoy and we were created for His enjoyment. So, let’s make our heavenly Father happy this spring by enjoying His creation.