2nd Generation Regent University Students: Elijah Prakash

Heritage and legacy are two very special things. As Regent University was founded in 1977, it had provided the opportunity for alumni’s children or even grandchildren to attend Regent University. Regent University’s motto of “Christian Leaders to Change the World” includes those leaders teaching their children and those children following in their parents’ footsteps.

Included in Regent University’s legacy students is second-generation student Elijah Prakash. Elijah’s father, Felix Prakash, and mother, Edith Prakash, both attended Regent University receiving their Masters in Divinity, along with his mother continuing to receive her Ph.D. in Renewal Theology from Regent University. Much like his parents’ heart for Christ, Elijah is pursuing a Bachelors’s in Christian Ministry. Despite the rich history at Regent University for the Prakash family, Elijah decided to attend Regent because of Regent’s strong Biblical foundation and their preparation for global evangelism.

Elijah enjoys conversing with his parents about the similarities of their educational and social times at Regent University. Elijah still is able to interact with some of the same faculty that taught his parents, such as Dr. Umidi and Dr. Lyle Story. “Another amazing aspect of being a legacy student is just the thought that just about 10-15 years ago, my parents sat in the same classroom that I am sitting in today possibly learning the same things that I am learning today,” says second-generation student Elijah Prakash. 

With the strong family connection to Regent University, Elijah was able to witness many campus events that are the only history to other students. Elijah was present at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Shaw Chapel, and saw the campus before the Divinity Building was built or Cafe Moka came to campus. 

When asked what being a legacy student means to him personally, Elijah responded heartfully, “Being a legacy student is such an honor. I never thought that I would ever attend the university that my parents attended. However, today I am very thankful because God has put me in the right place for ‘such a time as this’ (Esther 4:14). Today, my parents are traveling the world doing missionary and evangelistic work all over the world. They are in fact currently in India right now hosting a 750 pastors conference and helping with Covid relief in 5 different cities all over India. Regent University prepared them to do this kind of work and ministry. As a legacy student, I am honored and thankful that I get the opportunity to be prepared in a similar way as my parents as I plan to further the ministry in the future and preach the gospel all over the world.” 

Regent has had an amazing impact on the lives of many. In this case, Regent has had a heartfelt touch on this family, like many, that are able to study and delve into the same education as their parents and as those family members that have attended Regent University before them. 


Emily Coston

Emily Coston is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.