An Ode to the Goose

Whether first came chicken or egg, it matters not
The chicken cannot compare to the majestic goose of old
Out of all other beasts they’re the top of the lot
Even humans fear these fowl so bold
For all foes they’ve outflown and nobly fought
Though their heroic exploits are rarely told
When humanity dared to encroach their territory
Invading their ancestral home without a care
And built fine buildings, story on story
The geese fought back and made them beware
Flying and bellowing out their honks of glory
While charging pedestrians and ruining their footwear
They’ve defended this land through famine and snow
Although their presence makes humans scream and complain
In their feathery hearts they always know
Their bravery and sacrifice is not in vain
Because, though the humans may come and go
The geese shall always remain