Don’t Forget to Pray for the Rest of the World: Northeast India

“But how can they call on him unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” Romans 10:14, NLT. 

It is clear throughout the New Testament that God calls His followers to love others and share the good news of salvation around the world. God often places certain people and areas in the hearts of His followers to pray and care for. A passionate stir for the salvation, justice and living circumstances of others is the fruit of what God planted inside His children so that the world may know and glorify Him. One region of the world currently in dire need of prayers is Northeastern India.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, India is the second most populous nation in the world with over 1.3 billion citizens. In a country this big, there are many people who do not know the Lord and are in need of prayer. This includes the Koiri people group, whom I am currently praying for.  

The Koiri

 According to the Joshua Project, most of the Koiri are agricultural workers, and there are no known significant numbers of Christians among them. The Joshua Project also reports that out of the 8.1 million Koiri people in India, almost all are Hindu and a fraction are Buddhist. The Joshua Project also reports that this is just one out of the other 2,375 people groups in India. The good news that God paid the price for humanity’s sins is not known to so many people in this area. 

The Mica Industry of Northeastern India

This area is also known as one of the world’s largest suppliers of mica, a mineral used for lustrous eye shadows, car paints and many other everyday items, according to Refinery29. Just because mica is used in many products, however, does not mean the miners themselves are receiving the compensation they deserve. 

CNA Insider reports, “India’s Indigenous children are severely disenfranchised, particularly in the eastern states. With no access to nutritious food, more than 40% are malnourished.” This report from CNA Insider is the heartbreaking story of families—both children and parents—who have no choice but to work in the mines, despite much of the mining being illegal. Unfortunately, Refinery29 uncovered that many people, including children, have died from mine collapses. 

Graphic by Abby Trivett


This knowledge should encourage us to pray for the people of this region of India. Hunger, poverty and crushed dreams are the norm here. CNA Insider talked to a young teenager who outright said, “Dreams don’t come true.” What does a life with no hope look like? That is the scary question to ask—because a life with no hope is unbearable. 

Imagine what that might look like if legality and wages changed for mica miners. Perhaps families could afford to securely eat, and more children could go to school so they have an option of what their lives may look like. Even more important, the right people are needed to share the gospel with those living there—because Christ can change everything, starting with eternity. Imagine what the peace and love of Jesus could do there. These are the people who need powerful prayers from the rest of the world. 

Here’s my most common prayer for this region. You can pray this too as you seek the Father’s heart for this neglected—but not forgotten—area of the world. 

Father, I pray You bring the right people to share the Gospel to the Koiri people group and the rest of Northeastern India. God, I pray that their hearts would be receptive to the Good News of Jesus Christ and that You would radically change their lives. I pray that You would pour out Your goodness and Your Holy Spirit to them so that India and the world would be changed. I pray that any negative interactions with Christians in the past would be quieted by what You did on the cross to forever alter their lives. Let them know that they are seen by the Creator of the universe. God, I pray for the salvation of every person there—that they would not perish but have everlasting life. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen. 

Abby Trivett

Abby Trivett

Abby Trivett is the former senior editor for The Daily Runner and is a current Regent masters student.