4 Ways for college students to get free stuff

As college students, it can be hard for us to have fun without breaking the bank. Thankfully, the best things in life are free! From free movie screenings to free gift cards, there are many opportunities to save money and have fun at the same time. I will say though, it takes a bit of patience with these tips and tricks. However, once you get that momentum going, no one can stop you and your frugal powers!


1. Gofobo.com

Over the past few months, this website has become one of my best friends. Thanks to Gofobo.com, I saw the majority of summer blockbusters without spending a dime on an expensive movie ticket. From Guardians of the Galaxy to Lucy, I saw the most anticipated films before anyone else.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account (either with Facebook or your own email) and get started. I recommend you check it bi-weekly or as frequent as you would like to keep an eye open for available movie screenings in the area. Keep in mind, though, that there are certain months of the year that there will be little to no screenings just because nothing new has been released. But you can expect the summer and winter times to be full of movie releases and potential screenings!

Also, there is a catch: movie screenings are first come, first serve. When you receive your ticket via email and print it out, your seat is not guaranteed. Although you must wait on a line and be punctual, it is definitely worth it in the long run. Personally, I have watched at least $200 to $300 worth of movies this past summer. I suggest you check it out and start saving!


2. Shopkick

This is perhaps one of my favorite apps on the iPhone. Basically, all you have to do is gain points (or kicks) and redeem those earnings for a gift card. There are three basic ways of obtaining kicks for your rewards: walk-ins, scanning, and linking your credit card. First, you can simply gain 30 kicks by walking into a store shown in the app. Second, the app can ask you to scan the barcodes of certain products in a store for kicks. Last, you can link your credit card to the app to receive kicks for your purchases (this is optional).

It is a simple concept, but sticking to a routine is a little difficult. However, the nice thing is that you do not have to go out every day. For example, if you just happen to be at Target, open up your Shopkick app and instantly gain 30 kicks. If you keep this up and use some of your free time to scan, getting a gift card will be no problem. As a loyal user since the summer, I have managed to gain enough points to obtain $150 in gift cards.

It takes a bit of patience, but you will definitely see the rewards over time.


3. Retailmenot

This site is probably the more popular of the two I have already mentioned; nevertheless, this site is golden. Instead of cutting out coupons all of the time, going to retailmenot.com or downloading their app will keep track of all them. There have been times when I would be waiting on the check out line and I would quickly look to see if the website had any offers. And it did! Retailmenot has not only saved me on discounts, but it has also gotten me free Redbox movie codes and promotional codes for 50% off on pizza.

With this website or app, I recommend you check it before you go to the store. But Retailmenot has been continually expanding their influence and has a slew of stores to get possible discounts from. Also, if you choose to download this app, it uses your location to conveniently find deals and coupons in your proximity. On average, I have saved around $50 with a quick look on the app.


4. Brad’s Deals

With a list of over 110 restaurants, you can start signing up for different birthday coupons that will get you a free meal or dessert. I will warn you that you must read the fine print! Some coupons require you to print them out before going to the restaurant. And some require you to buy something first before you receive something free. Trust me when I tell you, some stores and restaurants are strict! Also, make sure to sign up now so, when it comes time for your birthday, your email inbox will be full of birthday coupons!

With these four things alone, I have managed to save over $500. That is extra money in my pocket for whatever I want or need to pay my tuition. I must say that there are many more websites and apps that work similarly, adding more to your potential savings. Yet I am just starting you off on your journey to success! Just be sure to stick with them and you will see the results.  Yes, it requires a little effort, but this list will surely help you shrink that check and grow that smile!

May the money be ever in your wallet!