Winter Masquerade Ball at Regent Tonight

For several years, the long-standing tradition of the Winter Ball at Regent has been a highly anticipated event. After an interview with Chelsea Adams from the Student Activities Board, we have determined a few key facts about this year’s Winter Ball that might make you want to attend if you hadn’t originally been planning on it.

For years undergraduates have been attending the graduate student’s Christmas ball; however, due to the way the school calendar was set up this year, the graduate students had their event in the Autumn. Over the past few years, the undergraduate students have expressed an interest in having a “masquerade” themed ball, but the board voted against it. Now that the Winter Ball is separate, Adams said, “We decided to give them what they wanted.”

This year, Christmas themed cookies, punch, fruit and hors d’oeuvres like meatballs will be provided to enjoy throughout the evening. Music and dancing will be a blend of everything, from ballroom to swing to the Cupid Shuffle. The first half of the ball will feature mainly ballroom and swing dancing, while the second half will be hosted by a D.J.

The current count of tickets sold is approximately 400, twice as many that were needed originally to hold the event, and an expected 500 students will be attending. Tickets are available at the door for $20 and the fun begins at 8 p.m. Adams also mentioned a few surprises that she did not want to give away—you’ll just have to come and find out.