How to Succeed at Regent: Student Resources and Where to Find Them

It’s a new school year, and we are so excited to welcome back newly arrived and returning students! To help you start this semester strong, I would love to share some of my favorite Regent resources with you: the Center for Student Happiness, the University Library and individual school programs such as the School of Education’s IMPACT mentoring program.

Center for Student Happiness

The Student Center is where you will find our wonderful Center for Student Happiness (CSH). CSH student support programs include the Writing Lab, the Math Lab and Life Coaching. In addition to these resources, they are constantly creating new ways to encourage and aid students. 

“The Center for Student Happiness has amazing staff members,” stated Dr. Joseph Umidi, Executive Vice President for Student Life. “They work together to produce incredible resources that allow our students to flourish and fulfill their calling at Regent and beyond.” 

Umidi specifically endorsed the newly developed THE JOURNEY HERE reflection journal and the smash hit series Healthy Relationships. Don’t hesitate to contact the CSH office for a full list of their student resources.

Contact Details: | 757.352.4906 
Writing and Math Lab – LIB 218
Writing Lab: | 757.352.4925
Math Lab: | 757.352.4641 |

University Library

One thing every seasoned student knows is that you will go through a lot of books during your time in college. The Regent Library is here to help with that! Our three-story library has online research databases, online chat support, in-person assistance, study spaces and so much more. One of my favorite things to use at the library is the Interlibrary Loan program. If you ever need a specific book for a paper that you can’t find in the library, they will locate it at another library for you. You can even use the curbside pick-up to get your books. 

Recently, I spoke with the Dean of the University Library, Dr. Esther Gillie, about our beautiful library. She noted various ways the library strives to assist Regent students. “We offer a variety of events and programs, including translator services for international students, charging stations for your electronic devices, personal consultations when you need resources for your papers and much more. Whether you visit us in person or online, we hope you know we are passionate about helping you.” I highly recommend taking a day to explore our wonderful library. 

Contact Details: 
757.352.4150 |

School of Education’s IMPACT

I realize that not all Regent Royals are traditional, on-campus students. Perhaps you are a graduate or post-master’s student like I am, and you want a little extra support. Several schools offer programs catered to their students. For instance, the Graduate School of Education has a mentoring program called IMPACT (Intentionally Mentoring to Purposefully Apply Christ’s Teachings), which focuses on the support and success of master’s and post-master’s education students. 

Dr. Katie Goldman, Assistant Dean at the School of Education, explained that they find alumni and practitioners in the field of education to mentor students who request assistance. Goldman shared that the program “provides spiritual support through prayer and devotionals, social-emotional support with check-ins and professional support by networking with experts in the field.” This program is less than a year old and is already helping over 100 students!

Contact Details:
School of Education Students Only
Access the application through My Regent Portal

If you’re looking for additional help, the Regent website is the place to go! Don’t be shy about reaching out to the Center for Student Happiness, the University Library or your specific school. They are happy to provide all the guidance and support they can.