UnChapel experiences, different opinions but united in worship

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the interviewed and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Daily Runner or its staff. The intent behind this article is to offer a venue for students to express their opinions and to be a catalyst for healthy discussion.

The chapel has truly become the focal point of Regent University. Not only is it physically at the center of our campus, but it also has become a prominent part of student life. It is a place to learn more about God and connect with Him through worship, messages, and prayer. Chapel services have impacted and will continue to impact the lives of many Regent students.

With 40 denominations represented on Regent’s campus, it is no surprise students have differing experiences and opinions regarding UnChapel, our student led Thursday night program. After interviewing several Regent students, from freshman to seniors, I have compiled some of their opinions on different aspects of the service. This article is a platform for students to share encouragement, new ideas, and give some feedback so UnChapel can continue to bless its students.

Worship style

“I LOVE the worship style because I believe God accepts every heart of worship as they are, as long as it is sincere. For some, that’s dance or remaining seated, and for others, it’s raising their arms and jumping. I feel like UnChapel has an atmosphere without judgment because everyone praises the Lord in their unique way, and it’s our common love of Jesus that unites us all.” (Freshman girl, Communications major)

“The worship team sounds very good; they all have beautiful voices and you can tell that they want to honor God and that they were called [to] that position. The worship style itself, however, can tend to feel a little too charismatic for some people of traditional denominations which can lead to them feeling uncomfortable or left out.” (Sophomore girl, Business major)

“I like the worship style for the most part! Sometimes it feels like a performance, but it’s usually good.” (Freshman girl, Theatre major)

Worship songs

“The songs are good choices, but parts of the song can get too repetitive at times. [Sometimes it can feel] overwhelming in an uncomfortable way.”(Senior guy, Criminal Justice major)

“One thing I really like about UnChapel’s worship is that the songs flow from one to another as the Spirit leads. Even though I may not recognize all the songs to sing along, I appreciate that they repeat promises of the Lord and our promises to Him. I find it easy to worship whether I am singing aloud or not.” (Freshman girl, Communications major)

“I wish the songs had more depth and had a mix of charismatic and contemplative.” (Sophomore guy, Law and National Security major)


“The sermons are [usually] easy to relate to for college students.” (Junior guy, Strategic Communications majors)

“I enjoy the sermons, but honestly, I think they could go more in-depth. The topics are great, but I would like more depth in them.” (Freshman girl, Christian Ministries major)

“I appreciate the fact that they are bringing up student leaders to preach. I like the more recent sermons and incorporating scripture within its context; however, I do wish there would be a greater conversation on suffering and less on prosperity – just a balance between them” (Sophomore guy, Law and National Security major)

“The sermons are truly helpful to me, and also relatable.” (Freshman guy, Psychology major)

Altar calls

“Sometimes it’s good to have altar calls so people who feel a genuine stirring in their heart are able to go to the altar and find someone in leadership who can pray with them. But having altar calls too often sometimes turns it into a conformity situation where everybody feels like they have to go up because a whole mob of people go up there and they don’t want to be the only one left in the audience.” (Sophomore girl, Business major)

“Overall, I say I like them but have them less, so that there’s not a mob going up every week. We shouldn’t be having people going up every time for the same problems.” (Senior guy, Biophysical Sciences major)

“I love that UnChapel services usually have an alter call where we can give something over to God (baggage, sin, prayer requests, etc.). [These are] also a call to action, to stop being complacent and change – whether that means dedicating time to pray to God or encouraging you.” (Freshman girl, Communications major)


“The atmosphere is conducive for God to do what He wants. You can feel His Spirit.” (Freshman girl, Christian Ministries major)

“UnChapel is saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s very welcoming – students come expecting something, which I think also adds positivity to the atmosphere.” (Freshman girl, Law and National Security major)

“Extremely welcoming and very caring.” (Junior guy, Strategic Communications major)


“They have just the right amount of time. Messages tend to go long, but I think that’s good. If the Holy Spirit is moving don’t turn it off.” (Sophomore girl, Business major)


This is what folks got most heated about…

“Stop 🙂 giving 🙂 us 🙂 pizza 🙂 Not everyone can eat pizza, and people get tired of it.” (Junior guy, Strategic Communications major)

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pizza. I could eat it every day, so I want to take this opportunity to personally thank the Student Activities Board for helping me pursue my passion of pizza.” (Freshman girl, Law and National Security major)

“Pizza is not good.” (Sophomore guy, Law and National Security major)

“BRING ON THE FOOD… free food is a blessing.” (Freshman girl, Communications major)

Rebekah Orlando is a staff writer for the Daily Runner.