Regent University’s College Student Leadership Board

If you are a Regent student looking for ways to get plugged in on campus, impact the community, or help with student concerns, Regent’s College Student Leadership Board (CSLB) is the student organization for you! CSLB is an on-campus organization that is passionate about bridging the gap between students, faculty, and staff by representing change on behalf of the student body. 

As a direct project established by Dede Robertson, CSLB maintains professional decorum when representing the student body to faculty and staff; as leaders on campus, they strive for the betterment of Regent University through every action they take. 

CSLB’s  mission is to advocate and provide support for the student body. The executive board is made up of five members: President Peter Ferrulli, VP John Klaves, VP of Community Relations Emily Coston, VP of Events Jessica Neer, and VP of Administration Natalee Wilson. 

In addition to the executive team, there are four representative roles, one for each class. Daniel Campbell serves as senior representative. Drew Zinn serves as junior representative. Elianna Dickens serves as sophomore representative. Finally, Hailey Todd serves as freshman representative. These four individuals are the direct points of contact for the students in their class. They take note of the concerns, questions, and ideas brought to them by the Regent student body. If you have a student concern or want to see a change on campus, seek out your representative or grab any CSLB member. They are all beyond willing to help in any way possible. 

Peter Ferrulli, president of CSLB and a junior at Regent University, stated that “CSLB serves the College of Art and Sciences undergraduate body and connects students, faculty, and staff, fostering a welcoming environment through events, professional development opportunities, and outreach.” 

As president, Ferrulli’s responsibilities lie in the professional development events such as Lunch & Learn, where Career & Talent Management partnered with CSLB to talk to students about taking steps towards advancing their career paths. “CSLB’s main vision,” Ferrulli said, “is to foster community with students on campus and provide them with opportunities to connect with faculty and staff.”

CSLB not only hosts events that help prepare students for the future beyond Regent University but also events that boost morale and help foster community on campus. Jessica Neer, VP of Events, is in charge of handling these events. One example is Midterm Munchkins, where the CSLB team served students Dunkin Donuts and coffee in the middle of midterm week. This allowed CSLB members to connect with students, showing their heart for student wellness and support. 

“So many students showed up… saying that this was the extra boost that they needed,” Neer said. As VP of Events, Neer’s mission is to show students they are valued on this campus, which is displayed through her hard work and dedication to her role and to Regent. 

The sense of community that CSLB aims to create is evident within their team. Freshman representative Hailey Todd says that she loves serving at the events and spending time with the student body both in and outside of the team. She enjoys investing in students’ future as well as their current status at Regent University. “I feel like I’m actually doing something functional and beneficial for the student body,” Todd states. “I think that the things we do in CSLB are going to help people even after college. It’s going to help students be better leaders.” 

CSLB is working towards cultivating a stronger community on Regent’s campus and providing a space where students know their opinions and concerns are heard. VP John Kalves is working on upcoming events such as Chat with CAS. Emily Coston, VP of Community Relations, is working with Faculty and RUPD to cultivate relationships and community between superiors and students. Natilee Wilson, VP of Administration, is working behind the scenes to make sure all events run smoothly and according to Regent’s policy through her administration role. Upcoming events will foster a greater community and create a stronger bond between the Regent student body, faculty, and staff. 

For more information about CSLB, including where to voice student concerns, upcoming events, and how to get involved with the organization, email or follow their Instagram page @regent.cslb. If you see a CSLB team member, say hi! They are here for you.