Spring Intramural Soccer Kickoff: Tsavo vs. Stormtroopers

With a competitive first game, fans can look forward to another great soccer season.

March 18, 2017 – The 2016-17 Intramural Soccer season got down to business, with games officially beginning at 1 p.m. last Saturday. The teams featured Regent students, and the games took place on Robertson Field, located nearby both the communications building and Dr. Pat Robertson’s private property.

The weather is a key factor that both the players and fans should be aware of. For example, Saturday’s weather forecast read forty-nine degrees with light rain. Despite the poor weather conditions, the intramural soccer games are played as usual. Just as in theater, if something goes wrong during a performance, the show must go on. Fans came dressed appropriately for the weather with raincoats, umbrellas, and outdoor blankets for the wet grass.

Many fans ask the same question, how does intramural soccer work?  It is fairly simple; however, I will break down the basic rules of intramural soccer. First, The teams consist of a maximum of 18 players, with seven players serving as substitutions and the other 11 in the starting lineup. There are also two goalies for both teams.  Next, the games are usually played on a 100-by-40 yard field. Lastly, just like all other sports, there will be referees watching the action and calling any fouls and unsportsmanlike behavior that may occur during the games.

I had the pleasure of watching the opening game of the season, a competitive and entertaining soccer match. Despite the cold rain and the lack of fans in the bleachers, both teams came to win. The first two teams facing off in of the intramural soccer season was Tsavo and Stormtroopers. Both these teams have had a lot of success in past seasons and the game was highly anticipated.

The teams played aggressively, making for an entertaining first game of the season. Early in the game, the offenses for both teams were held in check, each scoring one goal. Both teams had their opportunities to score. However, to give credit where credit is due, the goalies made the saves they needed to make to keep their respected teams in the game.  They were the true heroes of the afternoon. In the final minutes of the game, Stormtroopers weaved their way through Tsavo’s defense to score the final goal of the game. With a thrilling first game of the season, all soccer fans should expect a truly competitive season.

Jonathon Pflegl is a contributor to The Daily Runner. 


Jonathan Pflegl

Jonathan Pflegl

Jonathan is an undergraduate student at Regent University majoring in Communications. He hopes to be a Christian leader to change the world by becoming a sports writer for major media outlets and magazines.

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    March 23, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    Nice job….great to see a piece on the intramural sports that are such a part of recreation and community of Regent…keep it up 🙂 go Tsavo!

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