RU Informed on Regent Myths?

Below are two of the most popular campus legends. However, there’s also a fake myth that I fabricated. See if you can determine which one it is!

The Fountain Water and Love Potion

Legend says that if you drink Regent water from the fountain on campus, you will “get a ring by spring.” According to legend, a student organization began the myth one day to encourage dating on campus. An extension of this superstition is the “Regent love potion,” which involves boiling Regent water over the Eternal Flame. This supposedly results in a titular “love potion.” 

Regent Coyotes

Did you know the “Regent Royals” were not always a thing? There were multiple proposals to name our sports teams the “Regent Coyotes” in reference to the plethora of coyote sightings near the Regent Village. Logos were designed, and a costume was in the works for the intended mascot “Reggie the Coyote.” However, the plug was pulled when staff determined that calling our team the Coyotes could draw the ire of the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes and the costume design looked too similar to the mascot of the San Antonio Spurs. 

The Four Horsemen Graduation Jinx 

A long time ago, a sculpture stood in the Regent library plaza that depicted the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse charging at an unknown foe. Those who attend classes on campus will note that there is obviously no such statue present now. However, their removal sparked a superstition: if you find the horsemen’s hiding spot and see them with your own eyes, you won’t graduate in four years.