Regent’s Esports Team

A wise man once said, “Roses are red, pickles are green; you should join, Regent’s Esports team.” Who said that? I don’t know, but you should join Regent’s Esports team.

               Have you ever spent your day desperately searching for ways for your best talents to come in handy, only for your professor to inform you that an expansive Rocket League knowledge will not help you pass GENE-100? If so, then the Regent Esports team is the club for you!

               Led by its director, Nathan Tillett, the Esports team is Regent’s best (and only) gaming club that competes in the following games: Overwatch, Rocket League, Smash Ultimate, League of Legends, Street Fighter, Paladins, Tekken, and Magic: The Gathering Arena. Composed of several mini-teams (one for each game), the club has cultivated quite a following. Many members have joined, excited by the prospect of participating in a club that is entirely devoted to gaming. Sometimes, its members compete against other colleges in tournaments.

               Current student Leila Haddad is a member of the Esports Club’s Overwatch team, which practices twice a week. Each practice typically lasts four or five hours, with games usually take place on Sundays for roughly four hours. Leila says that the primary responsibilities of members are to get in as much practice as possible and to “strive for improvement.” Also, there are many chances for students to get into the club’s leadership positions. Leila was quick to praise the club, stating that: “The community is honestly so accepting and fun, and I would say personally that I have met a few of my [closest] friends here at Regent [from the Esports Club].” One of her fondest memories of the club was when they defeated the Overwatch team at Liberty University, which is indeed an achievement to be proud of!

The team has even developed something of a rivalry with the gaming team of Old Dominion University (ODU), forming the greatest enmity since Batman and the Joker or, obviously, High School Musical’s Troy Bolton and Sharpay (I definitely hope Regent is Sharpay in this scenario). The team’s social media pages have not held back in their not-so-subtle jabs at ODU . . . all in a friendly manner, of course!

               How often does an opportunity to join a small video game club located in a private university in Virginia Beach come along? Not often, I can tell you that much. Plus, anyone is welcome to join! For more information, reach out to Leila Haddad ( or the club’s director, Professor Tillet ( So check out the Esports team, only at Regent University!


Thomas Wilkinson

Thomas Wilkinson is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.