Regent Theatre Delivers Stunning Performance of “Steel Magnolias”

Get ready to be blown away by Regent University Theatre’s presentation of “Steel Magnolias.” The show, which opened Friday, Sept. 20., stars Hogen Miller, Shaunte Tabb, Alicia Bonham, Beth Litwak Sherrie Peterson and Duana Menefee. Technical Director and Production Manager Dave Foster had nothing but wonderful remarks to say in regards to the cast:

“I loved working with these women; they are so talented, and very well cast! We are blessed that they bring such heart and humor to the show!” Dave Foster

Steel Magnolias follows the lives of a small group of southern women in a Louisiana hair salon for about a two-year time frame. Great friends gather together, getting their hair done in progressing seasons and discussing things their lives – the good, bad, tragic and beautiful. Throughout the years, there are weddings, babies, health problems and growing faith in Christ developed among the women. Particularly impressive is the performance of Shaunte Tabb, who plays the role of Truvy Jones, the local hair stylist. Tabb brings the character of Truvy to life, sharing the character’s intimate, heartwarming story with the audience. Whether or not you have seen the 1989 movie version of this show, you are sure to fall in love with Truvy, as well as the other delightful characters played by these talented actresses.

This production was very well executed with great humor and a talented cast excellently portraying each of their characters. When asked about how her overall experience in this show was, Hogen Miller, who plays the part of Shelby Eastenton-Latcherie, stated:

“It was really great working with each other. This was truly an ensemble show; there was no one star.”

“Steel Magnolias” is truly a moving performance with lovely humor spread throughout. Although the show may have a “chick flick” reputation, it is a story that both men and women can appreciate, both in the humor and in the bittersweet lessons delivered.

Tickets are between $13 and $16 and you can purchase them at the box office in Regent’s Communication & Performing Arts Center or buy them online. The show opened this past weekend and will continue on through next weekend with showings in the Studio Theatre Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m., as well as Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 p.m.