10 Ways to spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Being single on Valentine’s Day can really be a bummer. This year instead of feeling down, try to do something with your friends to make it an evening of fun. Here are 10 ways to spend the evening that won’t cost more than $20 (and keep you from pouting or being angry at all the obnoxious couples).

1.    Cook a meal

Create or try out a new recipe of your favorite foods! This can be done with friends or by yourself. Whether or not you enjoy cooking, most of us enjoy eating.

2.    Progressive dinner

Get a group of your single friends together and have a progressive dinner! You will need at least three different dorm rooms/houses. Each person will provide a different part of a three-course meal. You will all travel together and your first stop will be at the room with appetizers, the second stop with the main dish, and the final stop for dessert and/or coffee.

3.    Movie marathon night

Grab a few of your friends, make some hot cocoa, pick a spot on the couch and spend the night having a movie marathon.Whether you like romantic comedies, horror films, sci-fi, or action flicks,there’s no “right” movie to watch when you’re single on Valentine’s Day!

4.    Game night

You can have a very fun evening with a large group of friends playing a variety of games. Need some suggestions? Try Apples to Apples, Charades, Egyptian Rat Screw or Monopoly. If you don’t have very many games, ask your friends to each bring one over.

5.    Record covers of songs

If you and your friends enjoy making music, spend the evening practicing some of your favorite songs. You can even try it A Capella, then record it and post it online.

6.    Go out to eat

Treat yourself to a nice dinner out with friends. You don’t have to spend a lot. Local places like Salvatore’s Pizzeria and Chipotle are nice enough that you can sit down and have a nice meal with friends without spending a fortune.

7.    Have a video game tournament

If you’re a video game fan, have some friends over and hold a gaming tournament. If you have a lot of people who want to participate, you can even have a competition for a different game in each room, with the winners competing for a grand prize.

8.    Go Roller Skating or Ice Skating

This is always a fun way to spend the evening. Test your skills at a nearby roller rink or ice rink for an evening of fun and laughter.

9.    Go Shopping

Go to the mall or your favorite clothing store with some friends. If you’re on a tight budget, try Goodwill or CHKD—a percentage of their profits go to good causes and you would be surprised at the nice clothes you can find.

10.   Volunteer

Probably one of the best ways you could spend your Valentine’s Day is by volunteering. Spreading love around to others who need it will make your Valentine’s a rewarding one. Make some Valentine’s cards and bring them to a nursing home or help out at a local soup kitchen.There are all kinds of ways you can help make someone else’s Valentine’s a little more special, and in turn, yours will be also.