Regent Hits Milestone Enrollment: The big 10,000

Ready for quintuple digits?

A student goes viral, a new sports team emerges, a record-breaking scholarship competition is held– this academic year has been one of achievements and firsts for Regent University. With all these headlines, you may think there can’t possibly be anything else… can there? Well, Regent has outdone itself again! This week, we hit our largest number of enrolled students in the university’s history: 10,000!

“This is a monumental moment for the school,” said freshman Grant Ekert, “and I am thankful to be a part of this great university and the work that they are doing.” Besides increasing the number of friendly faces on campus, Regent is helping to educate students in the field, doing missionary work, via online classes as well.

What better way to celebrate than a massive parade of faculty and staff around campus – with its own drumline? Professors and administrators alike braved the cold Thursday afternoon to celebrate this massive achievement! In Cafe Moka, students crowded the windows, watching the massive display of Regent pride. Our amazing staff deserves a huge thanks for all their hard-work that keeps Regent a growing community of Christian leaders to change the world.

“I’m not going to lie: I’m kind of surprised that we reached that number,” said junior Joél Casanova, “but I think it’s fantastic we did! Regent is by no means perfect, but there are some incredibly sweet, super genuine people that come and graduate from here. The more the merrier!”

Enrollment is still open, so 10,000 might just be the beginning to a burst of growth for the university.

Sara Waits is a staff writer for the Daily Runner.