Worship: Then & NOW

               It’s hard to congregate in a COVID world, but God is always opening doors for us to still unite with fellow Christians and join together in praising Him. This was clearly exhibited at Regent University’s Night of Worship (NOW) on Saturday, September 26th.

               Regent NOW has been a popular worship event in the past at the university, but, considering the ever-so-slight obstruction in the form of a pandemic, the chances of it being held in-person were rendered impossible. The NOW team recently revealed that the event would still be held virtually. However, unlike Panic! At the Disco, I did not have ‘high hopes.’ My experience with virtual events and meetings over the past few months has… not exactly been stellar, to put it politely. Let’s just say that I have had to stare at my clueless face on the Zoom screen so much recently, I’ve finally learned how it feels to be my teachers… or my mom.

               Consequently, a virtual NOW was not something that I expected or even really wanted, but, as always, God worked all for His good. I attended NOW just to see how it worked, and I have no regrets.

               The incredible impact of NOW was not lost online. As usual, it was comprised of the worship teams of several local churches, with the likes of Anchor Church, Kingdom Life, Trinity Church, and many more participants. Watching these multiple churches putting aside their differences in denominations to unite in worshipping God was truly special to see and really reflected something a little bigger. Christians may disagree with each other all the time on certain religious aspects, but, at the end of the day, our main focus should be on bringing glory to our Lord. That powerful message resonated at Regent’s Night of Worship and made it a memorable experience indeed.


Thomas Wilkinson

Thomas Wilkinson is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.