Regent entrepreneurs headed to Nationals as part of Enactus competition

The Enactus team will be competing in National competition in May after their recent victory.

Early last week, a team of brilliant students competed in the Regional Enactus Competition in Philadelphia, PA. Enactus, an international non-profit organization, is a program developed to bring together leaders dedicated to improving the quality of life of those in need around the world. These developments “transform lives and help students develop talents and perspectives that are essential to leadership in a challenging world.”

The word “Enactus” comes from the fusing of the words “entrepreneurial” and “action,” with the final word, “us,” completing the title; this fusion highlights the fact that the organization is focused on a strong collaboration to solve real-world problems.

Previous winners of the Enactus World Cup (Enactus: United States)
Previous winners of the Enactus World Cup (Enactus: United States)

This problem-solving doesn’t come without competition, however. There are over 450 Enactus teams across the United States, with over 16,000 team members. These teams compete at various locations across the country; Regent went to the Regional Competition in Pennsylvania from Mar. 18-20 amid dozens of other teams vying for a shot at Nationals. Each team presented business ideas and programs to further the mission of Enactus: to create practical business models and solutions to improve the quality of life around the world.

Among the stiff competition, Regent presented with thoroughness and a heart for those in need. Their hard work and excellent delivery paid off, and Regent is headed to the National Competition on May 20 in Kansas City, MI, to compete for the Enactus World Cup and the title of Enactus USA champion.

Interested persons, whether business students or otherwise, are encouraged to get involved with Enactus, on Regent’s Virginia Beach campus or within their local program. As Cody Fandel, president of Regent’s Enactus team and three-year participant, says, “Enactus is not just for business students. It’s for people who want to change the world.”  He advocates strongly for diversity within the program: “We need theatrical people, we need all sorts of talents.  You need all sorts of talents to make any organization work, and Enactus is no different.” As a final note, he says:

“Together, while impacting people, profit, and planet, through entrepreneurial action, Enactus is going to make a better world for all of us.”

Davis Hawkins is a Staff Writer for The Daily Runner.