Regent Checklist: 12 Things Everyone Does Before Graduating

Attending Regent University is an amazing opportunity. However, there are certain experiences you absolutely must have before you leave. Here’s a modest list of what many consider the essential Regent checklist.

1. Have a DTR at the eternal flame.
It’s the closest thing we have to a romantic candle light on campus, so it’s not surprising that this is the spot at which you can take an ambiguous relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, our new, budding img_0020relationships are sometimes not as eternal as the flame – but props for trying.

2. Hurt a friend playing splash.
By accident, of course. After we make sure our turn was a success, regardless of how unfair or underhanded it was, we apologize before returning to the intense battle at hand.

3. Have a crush on Brad Meadows or Dan Keever // Martha Martin or Liz Landon.
When I first got to Regent, as a girl, you had two top crush options: Ryan Evans or Ryan Smith. Though they’re both graduated and taken, there are new people in town. I know you’ve seen them.


4. Make a new friend playing Body-Body.
If you’ve been here for more than two days, you’ve probably been invited to play Body-Body with a group of people. There is no better way to form a new friendship than running around with people in the dark.

5. Watch the sunrise on the beach with your hall.
If you live on a female hall and you have not done this, talk to your RA. If you live on a guy hall, you can possibly jump on this fun bandwagon. Just remember to stay awake long enough to take a picture or 12 for Instagram.12036690_454381161439237_6048307363271150678_n

6. Start a small scale prank war in the Commons.
This will most likely occur during your freshman year. In the moment, your prank war may not seem small scale, so enjoy it while you can. Hang up some memes. Have a few laughs.

7. Get asked by an RA to stop your worship night because of quiet hours.
God doesn’t have a quiet hour, but the Commons do. It’s always a plot twist when the RA comes in and asks the group to be a bit quieter. Luckily, we have a beautiful chapel that is always open to students. #PraiseHIM

8. Ask someone to the Christmas Ball/Sadie Hawkins three months early.
Better early than never, am I right?


9. See engagement updates from your classmates when you go on Facebook.
If you have not experienced this yet, just wait. The wave of engagements is coming. Save some fridge space and magnets when you’re an upperclassmen for wedding invitations from friends.

10. Drain your bank account at Cookout.
Friends invite you to Cookout, and you quickly check your bank account  you have $3.17 left. You’re set!

11. Set off the fire alarms in your dorm. A lot.
Even if you don’t hit up our Regent gym, you’re sure to get some cardio running to close your door and opening your window while cooking food.

12. Use Jason Peaks’ signature hashtags in everyday life.

Savanna Kelley is a contributor for the Daily Runner.