People of Regent: Cora

“My dream job is to be a talk show host. But I would aim to make the atmosphere of the stage and everything itself more relaxed. With journalism, it’s about asking questions, yes. But it should be more of a conversation. It’s about getting to know someone as a friend. You talk to them as a friend, and not like you’re trying to make them look a certain way to the audience. I find that now, as I am getting closer to pursuing this career, I am finally using what my father has taught me about education and self-discipline to my advantage. My father was a part of the U.S. Army for twenty-one years, and after he retired, he went to college as a business major. He was then able to establish and operate his own taxi service, that he and my mom both ran for as long as they’d been married (which was twenty-four years and seven months). The example of his life, has made me more self-driven. It’s not so often that you see someone who has done twenty-one years in the military, go back to school, and create a whole new career path for themselves; so, that they can provide for their family… In life, things aren’t going to get handed to you. Sometimes you got to give up what you want to find what you need.” -Cora