Professors are People Too: Dr. Daniel Miani

Dr. Daniel Miani is a principal by day and a professor by night. A Regent alumnus, Dr. Miani earned both his Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the university. He began his teaching career in 2021 and currently instructs doctorate and undergraduate classes in the field of education at Regent. His exceptional work as a principal at Lafayette High School won him the Virginia Association of Secondary Principals award in 2022, and Dr. Miani now works at First Colonial High School as their principal. 

What led you to Regent?

“I needed to secure my Virginia teaching license, and Regent had a program that supported my personal and academic needs at the time. From there, I completed my doctorate in K-12 Educational Leadership. A few years after I completed my degree, I received a phone call about supporting doctoral students and then was asked to teach undergraduate courses at Regent; of course, I said yes because I wanted to give back to the university that put me on a personal, spiritual, and academic path that changed my life.” 

What is it like being a principal and a professor? What is your favorite thing about each?

“It is a balancing act to serve in both roles; being a principal provides me with an opportunity to take current practices directly into the classroom and into the dissertation process to provide authentic learning experiences for students. My favorite aspect of being a principal is building the leadership capacity in others. My favorite aspect of being a professor is playing a role in developing current and future educators.” His favorite class to teach so far “has been UIS 412, but I am really enjoying UIS 330. Honestly, I just enjoy watching students develop into professional educators.”  

What is your advice to students?

“To follow your calling, your passion. And, while doing that don’t be afraid to make mistakes and fail because life is about growing to become the best version of yourself.” He also shared that the Lord has continually taught him “to be patient; God’s timing is not our timing. And, in the end, trusting in Him will always be worth the wait.” 

What hobbies do you enjoy?

“Spending time with my family outdoors: riding bikes, hiking, walking, fishing. My current major hobby is spending as much time as possible watching my children play sports, play competitive chess, play in orchestra concerts, and attend art shows where their pieces are on display. When I have free time, I enjoy reading as many books as possible about leadership, human interaction, and success stories.” 

What bible character would you like to meet and why?

“I would like to meet Solomon to observe him and learn from him as a leader. God gave Solomon the opportunity to ask for anything in the entire world and he asked God for wisdom, wisdom to be used to serve others. What an awesome response!” 

Are you a tea, coffee, or hot chocolate drinker? 

“Coffee all the way!”  

Do you have any book recommendations?

“I read the Bible every day. I could spend a long-time recommending a variety of books, here are a few of my favorites: The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson; Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges; As a Man Thinketh by James Allen; The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason; The Leader’s Greatest Return by John Maxwell; How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie; and The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill.

The bottom line is that I believe everyone should read as many books as possible during their lifetime.”Dr. Miani is an excellent professor who embodies what it means to be a Christian leader changing the world. His dedication to his students, combined with his passion for education and commitment to Christian principles, makes him a truly outstanding individual and an inspiration to those around him.