Moorehead Appointed New Women’s Soccer Coach

Regent University is excited to welcome Christine Moorehead as the new head coach of Regent’s women’s soccer team. In this position, her goal is to build a strong and talented team that glorifies God through their excellent playing and conduct. More than creating a team with a winning legacy, she is determined to develop her players as people in addition to soccer competitors. She believes that godly mindsets and habits create winning streaks that will surpass their time on the field. 

In her own life, Moorehead has seen the positive impact soccer can have time and time again. It has taught her valuable life lessons, such as determination and the process of keeping failure from being an absolute with a positive mindset. 

These lessons stayed with her as she completed her master’s in business administration while in the Marine Corps and graduated as a second lieutenant from the United States Naval Academy, having commanded over 240 marines. Currently, she is married with two young sons and owns a multifamily business. While her life hasn’t always been easy, she believes soccer has played a huge role in helping prepare her for challenges that have arisen.  

Moorehead on the far right standing with her teammates

Throughout her life, Moorehead has used her passion for soccer to glorify Christ and make Him known. She believes passions are powerful tools designed and given to create meaningful change wherever we find ourselves. 

“The things we are passionate about are often the things God uses in our lives to glorify Him,” she stated. For her, that passion has been soccer, which she discovered at an early age playing with her family. Whether competing with cousins at family gatherings or alongside high school teammate Alex Morgan, who is now the captain of the US women’s national team, she has always played with heart.  Soccer has continued to be an important passion and part of her legacy as God directed her steps from working as a logistics officer to coaching soccer at Jacksonville Academy to joining Regent’s athletics staff this season. 

Now she desires to cultivate that passion in her players and pass on the lessons soccer has taught her so that they can use every win and loss as an opportunity for growth, both spiritually and athletically. When asked about her goals for this upcoming season, she answered, “It’s my vision that Regent University’s women’s soccer team builds a winning tradition that brings honor to Christ.”  

Moorehead has had impressive scores in life. With her wisdom and fiery passion for soccer, there is high confidence in her ability to craft a great team as she encourages players to play with tenacity and purpose. She believes God’s providence has been evident throughout the recruiting process, and those involved have been astounded at how He has pulled together loose strings and opened doors in amazing ways. 

If you are interested in playing college soccer and being a member of the team, open tryouts are August 22nd and 23rd (the first two days of classes)! Whether you are trying out for the team or cheering on your classmates, everyone with a passion for soccer is encouraged to be a part of this community.