Memorial Day: The Importance of Sacrifice

Memorial Day is a national holiday full of friends, family, and food. However, we must never forget the lives lost in the line of duty and the families forever changed.  

Memorial Day is a special holiday for the United States. This holiday honors the men and women who have died while serving in the military.  Being killed in the line of duty is the ultimate sacrifice. The United States recognized the importance of sacrifice to one’s country and established Memorial Day as a federal holiday in 1971.

Originally, Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day. Decoration Day was established to honor the thousands of soldiers that were killed in the Civil War. The Civil War claimed fathers, sons, and brothers across the country. Decoration Day not only gave the United States a way to cope with the drastic loss of the Civil War but also a way to unite a divided country.

Today, Memorial Day commemorates lives lost in every battle and conflict the United States has been involved in. Many Cities hold massive parades to honor the fallen. The countries largest parades are held in Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. Another Memorial Day tradition is the visiting of war cemeteries and memorials. Arlington National Cemetery is a place full of reverence and honor for the fallen. Every year, families and friends flood to Arlington to honor the men and women that have died for their freedom.

On the other hand, many people celebrate their freedom by throwing barbecues and lighting off fireworks. Similar to Independence Day, citizens take advantage of the time to celebrate with close family and friends, while paying tribute to the lives lost in the line of duty. For many, Memorial Day is the introduction of the Summer season. However, it is important to always remember the cost of freedom in the United States and never take it for granted.

Abe Moreno-Riano is the Senior Editor for The Daily Runner.