Beware of the Beach: Safety First

While the beach may be the perfect summer spot for relaxing, it is important to be cautious to the dangers of the open water.

“Relaxation”…”Fun in the Sun”… Words that come to mind when many beach goers prepare for adventure and excitement awaiting them just beneath the sand and shore of the clear and breathtaking beaches of South Florida. Tourists travel from all over the world in hopes of catching the tropical breeze and ride the waves of the endless summer paradise. A trip to the beach sounds like a great family get-away with fun for all ages, young and old. Children laugh and play building sandcastles and digging trenches in the sand.  Adults tackle the waves as they glide through the crystal, clear emerald green waters, while jet skiing or catching a surf. This is how many families will spend their much-anticipated summer. They will travel to the breathtaking east coast of Florida. This sounds delightful; however, riptides can make the ocean a dangerous place for both children and adults. Unfortunately, something so joyous can become a real threat to families around the world.

Thankfully, there are precautions that can help create a safe and enjoyable summer vacation. A. Jones, a certified Aquatic instructor, agrees that swimming can be more enjoyable if general safety tips are applied. He has provided swimming and water safety instruction locally in the Palm Beach area for the past year.  Jones elaborates, “For kids, they should swim with a buddy at all times.” I agree and believe that this would prove to be a very wise tip even for adults.  Imagine yourself going for a swim on a nice day, then suddenly catching a cramp or finding yourself at the mercy of a strong rip current, having someone near could be the difference between surviving to swim another day or a trip to the ER. Jones goes on to add that everyone, especially kids, should swim in areas where a lifeguard is on duty. “It is not safe to swim in the water when thunder or lightning can be seen or heard”, he adds. Swimmers should immediately leave the water when this threatening situation develops, as Florida leads the nation in lightning fatalities. Jones also suggest that swimmers obey all caution and warning signs posted in the area. Clearly, we should all take safety precautions and beware of the beach. Going to the beach should be enjoyable and a great way for adventure seekers to make a splash for the summer. So, if you’re planning to visit the refreshing oasis of the Florida east coast or the shores of your favorite beach, always remember to prepare, beware, and keep these waterproof safety tips afloat.

Terrisa Buford is a contributor for The Daily Runner.