Jaron Weatherly’s “Tapping Out” Drops Official Trailer Starring Bethany Paulsen and Joshua Kline

Attic Orpheum Productions has released the full-length trailer for Jaron Weatherly’s all-new short film, “Tapping Out.” 

Set in 1987, “Tapping Out” follows two overly competitive instructors at the local YMCA, played by Bethany Paulsen and Joshua Kline. The pair battle throughout the film to win the coveted “Best Instructor of the Year” award and reign victorious over the other. 

The short film, which is now in post-production after wrapping principal photography back in late August, features 50 plus undergraduate Regent University students in various cast and crew positions. 

Starr Weiss, Dawn and Mark Lawrence, Joseph Walsh, and Dylan Pond also star in the film alongside Kennedy Nordin and Aaron Handy, who are playing the younger versions of the two YMCA instructors. 

The “Tapping Out” trailer features attire from the 1980s, various martial arts sequences, and a glimpse of the short film’s electrifying jazzercise sequence. 

“Tapping Out” will premiere exclusively at Regent University before hitting wide release online this Thanksgiving.

You can now watch the trailer here. 

For more information and to see upcoming updates, visit the “Tapping Out” website here.