Dr. Alveda King talks God, government, and goodwill towards men

During Wednesday’s University Chapel, Dr. Alveda King shared stories from her past and advice for the future. Experiencing the civil rights movement firsthand (her uncle was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), she had a front row seat to watch a nation change from the inside as unfair laws were reversed and a new era of freedom began in America.

“Our home was bombed in Birmingham and we were inside … half the house blew up but we were not harmed,” she said as she recalled one of her earliest memories of growing up in the turmoil of the civil rights movement.

The attack on her family taught her an important lesson, she continued. When some witnesses to the bombing wanted to go throw rocks or retaliate in some way, Alveda’s father A. D. King said, “If you have to hit somebody, hit me,” before instructing the upset parties to go home and pray.

Showing goodwill and God’s love has been a goal of Dr. King’s, but one that she said hasn’t always been easy. Formerly a democrat member of the Georgia House of Representatives, but now a Republican activist, King has tried to get others who disagree with the Obama Administration to see the proper role for a Christian operating under an adverse government.

“I don’t agree with his policies,” she said, noting that he is pro-choice and holds several other policy positions at odds with her Christian faith. “But we can still pray for him … pray for all those in authority. We can ask that [President] Obama see the great light.”

Towards the end of her speech, Dr. King asked the congregation to hold hands, march in their seats, and sing along with a variation of ‘This Little Light of Mine’:

“If your light won’t shine, please don’t put out mine.

If your light won’t shine, I’ll share some of mine.”

With a legacy of fighting for justice, Dr. King is quick to point out that while the pro-life movement is her job now, just as she’d worked in other positions before, her passion has always been Jesus Christ.

More recently, Dr. King has seized on the pro-life movement, calling it a “continuation of the civil rights struggle.” She has been fighting for the rights of the unborn, taking part in national marches for life, and continues to keep a high profile on television as she pushes for the rights of all people from conception to natural death, regardless of the color of their skin.

Also a best-selling author, Dr. King’s latest book King Rules: Ten Truths for You, Your Family, and Our Nation to Prosper is available now. Dr. Alveda King can be followed on Twitter @alvedaking

Spencer Brown

Spencer Brown

Spencer Brown is a native of Minnesota. He is active in Young America’s Foundation, as well as a fellow in the Koch Leaders Program. He has worked on numerous campaigns up and down the ballot, and interned in federal offices. Most recently, Spencer spent a semester writing political commentary for the Washington (DC) Examiner's Beltway Confidential section. Spencer is a contributor and editor on a number of outlets including OUTSETmagazine, HuffPost Live, PolicyMic.com, and YAF.org.