Familiar Faces

Seasons changing 
Leaves falling 
The sun casts a new glow 
The clouds dance across a new canvas
There is beauty in the change of nature 

Do you see it? 

The birds sing 
The leaves fall 
How the path before us changes with each season 
The summer air slowly turning to a cold breeze 
A new breath of life

A new season has come 
Warm drinks replace the cold 
Sweaters and cozy socks 
Are paired with warm embraces 
Filled with nostalgia 

Familiar faces 
New places

It comes with the season 
The beauty of fall 
We can’t escape it 
It reminds us 
All things come in their due season

Autumn whispers new prayers 
Will we meet again? 
Will we fall like the autumn leaves? 
Will we have the same joy as children jumping in a pile of leaves?
Faces come and go 

But I like to see yours through the seasons 
Familiar but mysterious 
Like the wind 
Like the trees
Like the autumn prayer