In recent years, blogging has become popular because it allows anyone with access to a computer and Internet connection to because a “self-published” writer. Blogging allows freedom of speech and expression, especially in this day and age.

Online writing is becoming a useful alternative to print media. While print media is still important and serves its purpose, blogging is a means for the individual writer to express personal opinions without having to answer to an editor. Blogging as a form of communication lets people write what they feel, post it instantly, and receive a myriad of comments from readers.

Society is experiencing a Postmodern era, which means that emotions and feelings are celebrated above information just pertaining to cold-hard facts. The blogging world reflects the turn that has been taken into emotional storytelling. Jonathan Harris, a computer scientist, is involved in a program that tracks emotions that are expressed on the Internet, especially through blogging. In a lecture made in 2008, Harris examines the findings of the study conducted using the program. While there are many gaps between humans (gender, wealth, religion), we are all connected by our human desire to express ourselves. Harris asserts that blogging is a new form of self expression. Harris understands that our emotions help tell the story of “us”.

Blogging gives each person an opportunity to tell their own story. College students are able to place all of their thoughts in one place for personal release or even to update family members who may be far away. Rachel Montuori, a young military spouse, uses her blog to keep her family and friends close. She notes, “I blog because I like to write and it is a way I keep in touch with some friends. We may not have time to chat every day but when they catch up with me on my blog they can get the highlights.”

Blogs can serve news purposes, in which the writer of the blog articulates their opinion on newsworthy topics. Blogging is an important addition to social media. It adds to the melting pot of ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2011 report found that 60 percent of bloggers are hobbyists. This means that people are just blogging because it appeals to them!

Blogging sends out a message with intent. This is important as writers becoming purposeful in their writing. Regent student, Kat Robertson, explores the reasons around her love of blogging: “Blogging has an entire community that has been built around it. The connections are endless — the niches are so diverse, everyone can find a place for their voice. There is really no more intimate of a setting for social media than one’s own blog.”

Posting frequently, encouraging reader feedback, and approaching topics with a creative flair can boost a blog’s recognition in the blogosphere. By understanding the place and purpose that blogging serves, one can utilize it more effectively.