Pat Robertson celebrates 85th birthday with Regent and CBN communities

The Regent and CBN communities came together Monday to hold a massive 85th birthday celebration for founder, chancellor, and CEO of Regent, Dr. Pat Robertson.  Despite cloudy skies and mid-forties temperatures, the celebration was held on the library plaza with nearly 1,200 guests in attendance.  The invitation-only event was heavily catered and featured live music courtesy of southern gospel quartet The Oak Ridge Boys.  While students were not allowed to formally attend, they were encouraged to stick around and watch the quartet’s performance.

Pat's Birthday 4

The celebration began with a prayer by Dr. Robertson’s son, Gordon Robertson.  In it, he thanked God for all the things that have happened “just because Dr. Robertson said amen.”  After guests were allowed to get food, Dr. Robertson was presented with a scholarship fund totaling $170,000 set up in his name.  He was then brought up on stage to address those in attendance.

Pat's Birthday 5

The event caps of a weekend-long celebration for Dr. Robertson, who spent three days in Washington, DC, among donors and politicians in the area.  During his speech, however, he said he wanted to do something for those at home base.  “What about the troops?” he said, in high spirits as ever.  He went on to say how the celebration was essentially a “thank you” to everyone for their support and encouragement throughout the years.

Pat's Birthday 2

The Oakridge Boys were then brought on stage to sing happy birthday, as the rest of the guests stood to join in.  Cupcakes were served to each table, and the quartet launched into their set.

Pat's Birthday 1

Having officially turned 85 on Sunday, Robertson is already looking forward to his 90th.  During his speech onstage, he claimed The Oak Ridge Boys had already agreed to come back a half decade from now.  And to finish, he jovially proclaimed, “I’m going for a hundred!  God bless!  Love you all!”