An inside look at Pat Robertson’s 85th birthday celebration in Washington, D.C.

In honor of his 85th birthday, Dr. Pat Robertson and his family held a three-day-long celebration over the weekend in Washington, DC.  As part of an a capella group commissioned by Dr. Roberts, called the Regent University Singers (RUS), I had the opportunity to perform at these events, allowing me an inside look at the festivities.  And the best part was that he arranged for us to stay in the Ritz Carlton hotel the entire weekend!


On the first night, RUS kicked off the festivities with its debut performance. After singing our songs, we received a standing ovation that put smiles on our faces for the rest of the night. Luckily, I was able to attend the rest of the event. Many of the people in attendance were a mixture of CBN employees and political friends, including news anchor John Jessup, former congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and congressman Mark Meadows.

During that night, Bachmann delivered an inspiring, hilarious, and heartfelt speech dedicated to Dr. Robertson. She emphasized how he had a “whole heart for God” and that he inspired her with his unbridled energy. She concluded her speech by blessing him and his wife to continue their legacy of greatness and success. Afterward, Dr. Robertson took the stage to thank everyone, expressing his excitement for what was ahead.

The second day involved more exploration. First, RUS was requested to lead praise and worship for Dr. Robertson’s prayer breakfast event. Although it is not wise to eat right before performing, I could not help but jump into the buffet line. Once breakfast ended, we got the opportunity to join in a private tour of the Capitol building.

On our way there, I coincidentally sat next to Joy Weaver, the author of Just Ask Joy: How to be Socially Savvy in All Situations. Because it was my first time in DC, she told me all about the places I should visit and some restaurants I should try out. Unfortunately, our conversation was cut short when we arrived at the Capitol building. The iconic edifice was an architectural dream, and I did not want to leave. However, lunchtime was nearing and finding a good place to eat was our next goal.




On the last day, we were all dreading the ride back home and having to leave the wonderful hotel. Before departing, we were invited to perform at a more intimate breakfast with Dr. Robertson’s friends and family. However, the celebration moved to another hotel: the Mandarin Oriental. I must say that Dr. Robertson knows how to celebrate in style! Toward the end of our performance, we had the special opportunity to sing “Happy Birthday” to him with the entire room, which was absolutely magical.

After singing, we got to sit down and enjoy some delicious food. When I finished getting my french toast with a side of shrimp, I returned back to the table and sat right next to Paul Strand, CBN News Washington Senior Correspondent, and his wife. Very casually, my fellow singer and Daily Runner colleague Hope and I sparked a conversation with both of them and received some sage advice about the field of journalism. He spoke about the ever-changing landscape of media as well as the need for perseverance to pursue our dreams. Before we knew it, the breakfast had concluded and it was time to depart.

Despite the trip being over, this opportunity was an absolute dream. From the people I encountered to the fancy food I got to eat, Dr. Robertson’s weekend celebration was one to remember. Hopefully, I will get the chance to return again and experience another amazing adventure.