International Student Event

“There are doubtless many different languages in the world, and none is without meaning.”

The diversity of Regent’s student body strengthens the community on campus.  For those who do not know, the international students of Regent represent over sixty countries. These students bring so much life and culture to the campus. I was able to attend an international student event and it was a truly eye-opening experience. Mary Laughton, director of international students, briefly explained to me the joy that each of her students had to study at an American University that put God first in the curriculum.  Every student I met with was so happy to talk about what they were studying. These students conveyed the most genuine passion for God’s vision for their lives. The room was filled with a diverse crowd; there were future pastors, lawyers, photographers, and even directors. These men and women stood firm in their career choices. One student, studying cinema-television, spoke on his love for God-inspired storytelling. He wanted to get his degree and go back to his home country to grow the industry he loved. While these students loved studying in America, most of them wanted to go back to their countries and help rebuild the industries they are passionate about. These students hold Regent’s slogan, Christian leadership to change the world, to heart. Each student genuinely wants to change the world for God. However, as much as these students want to go back and drastically change their own country, they also love learning in America. To these international students, America is a place with so much different culture and history. While they wanted to learn more about American culture and traditions, many have never been invited over to a traditional American home. If you see an international student on campus, be sure to introduce yourself and befriend them.

Abe Moreno-Riano is the Managing Editor for The Daily Runner.