Local Business Spotlight: The Bee and the Biscuit

Driving to the popular beach Sandbridge, Regent students may stumble upon a quaint grey refurbished house. The dye-cut roadside sign reveals the small cottage is the locally-owned restaurant The Bee and the Biscuit, home to charmingly original cuisine supporting local farmers.

As guests enter the driveway, they are met by an unexpected valet and large gravel parking lot, where an archway opens to a cozy outdoor garden and a hostess stand labeled “The Bee Keeper.” The immersive experience continues as customers are guided to their table through innovative interior design choices. The drinking glasses are mason jars and the menu’s entree names are equally quaint and creative like the “Hen Party Omelet” or “The Big Farm Truck.”

Despite not taking reservations and the odd location, The Bee and the Biscuit proved to be well worth the drive and wait. Reviewing customers rave about the unique breakfast entrees and beautiful lattes. Upon visiting with my family, I was able to sample pancakes, scrambled eggs, meats, country-fried potatoes, and cheese grits and all were above and beyond my expectations. Most of the foods I tried tasted elegantly sweet, suggesting a hint of honey, an unexpected flavor for southern cuisine like grits.

The prices were shockingly high for breakfast upon first viewing the menu. However, the portions were large enough to share and I split “The Big Farm Truck” with my younger sister who was visiting. While it is not an expense most students could afford everyday, The Bee and the Biscuit was an excellent choice for a special occasion and plenty affordable when splitting a meal.

The charming eatery is also known for their “Colossal Cinnamon Roll.” The menu stresses its size, stating it is large enough to share, and they sell many of these to-go. We bought one for the table, and my family took one home to share later. If you find an opportunity to visit, purchasing a colossal cinnamon roll is well worth the additional cost.

The Bee and the Biscuit offers breakfast all day, but has a small menu of lunch entrees as well. While I did not have the opportunity to sample these, pictures taken by past customers suggest they are just as delicious. Their specialty lattes, featuring flavors like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Lavender, and Lucky Charms are also aesthetically pleasing. It is no surprise that the small restaurant has been featured on “The Virginian-Pilot,” “Only in Your State,” reviews.org, and Hampton Roads’ own WTKR station. We first discovered the restaurant on TripAdvisor where it was listed as the ninth-best restaurant in Virginia Beach.

Eating at The Bee and the Biscuit was an outstanding experience and I look forward to visiting again in the future. Their unique menu was notable and creative design choices made for a fully immersive encounter. The charming restaurant should bee considered the next time you are searching for a new experience or special occasion restaurant.


Kayla Grace Walker

Kayla Walker is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.