Dean Bachmann’s Impact at Regent University

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (September  1, 2022) – In December of 2020, Regent University and its Board of Trustees named Congresswoman Michele Bachmann the new dean of the Robertson School of Government (RSG). Over the past two years, Dean Bachmann has been instrumental in helping grow the Robertson School of Government at Regent University. She has proved invaluable in developing new programs, such as the Indo-Pacific Politics concentration now available as part of the National Security Studies degree. Dean Bachmann has also produced numerous creative works and given many presentations nationally and internationally, including several in collaboration with the Robertson School of Government. 

“It was the honor of a lifetime to become dean of the RSG, and it is my continued honor to serve in this capacity under the guidance of our Chancellor.”

One of her most notable achievements was the 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer. Dean Bachmann led a faithful group in fasting and prayer seven days a week for 40 days. Under her leadership, the group grew to 94 members who chose to continue praying even after the event concluded. Encouraged by the members’ dedication and movement of the Lord during their intentional time of fasting and prayer, Dean Bachmann has agreed to plan and host another 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer in August of 2022 and to date, attendance has consistently been greater than 250 each day. 

Bachmann also hosted the Chancellor’s Forum with Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, where he encouraged, challenged, and prayed over the current government students. 

Dean Bachmann developed and produced three separate conferences despite COVID challenges. The first covered the issue of Election Integrity following the 2020 election. Speakers included Eric Metaxas, Dr. Ben Carson, and Mark Steyn. The second conference focused on the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The conference examined the 20 year involvement of the U.S. in Afghanistan and the recent collapse of America’s military presence in Afghanistan in August of 2021. Speakers included Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Attorney General John Ashcroft, former Secretary of the Navy, Adm. Vern Clark, and New York City Chief of Police Bernie Kerik, among others.

The third conference focused on the rise of authoritarianism globally and the demise of civil liberties. This is the hottest topic in the world today as we continue to see the unfolding of the rise of authoritarianism in the western democracies. Participants included Dr. Michael Rectenwald of American Scholars, Investigative Journalist Leo Hohmann, Historian Bill Federer, the late Dr. Ed Hindson, and editors of Jim and Joe Hoft. These seminars enjoyed a wide viewership and impact.

As Dean of the Robertson School of Government, Bachmann also had the honor of presenting the Distinguished Statesman Award to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in spring 2021, Attorney General John Ashcroft in fall of 2021 and Lt. Governor Winsome Earle-Sears in spring of 2022. 

Bachmann’s appointments and committees include:

  • Family Research Council, Board Chair
  • Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, Co-Chair
  • Capitol Ministries, Board Member
  • James Dobson Family Institute, Board Member
  • International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, Spokesperson
  • Turning Point USA Student Group, Faculty Sponsor
  • Well Versed Ministry, UN-NYC Liaison
  • World Prayer Network, Contributor 

Prior to her appointment as dean, Bachmann was a well-known politician after becoming the first Republican woman from Minnesota elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. She served in the House of Representatives from 2007 to 2015, during which time she led a highly successful career, with her highlights including becoming a national figure in the Republican Party, helping found the congressional Tea Party Caucus and running for president in 2012. 

Bachmann’s transition from the national political spotlight to work in higher education was no surprise as she has been a strong advocate for education reform during her time in politics. Dean Bachmann and her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, used a combination of homeschooling and private Christian school for their five children and the Bachmann’s fostered 23 children in their home during the 1990s. “Regent University is the perfect base to build biblically centered leaders to change the world. It is an honor to work with our student body, and I know the world is being blessed because of the graduates RSG is producing.”

Dean Bachmann has achieved so much in such a short time as part of the Robertson School of Government, and Regent University eagerly looks forward to seeing what she will accomplish in the future. 


Emilee Speier

Emilee Speier is a senior studying journalism and criminal justice. In addition to working at the Daily Runner, she has also completed internships with Lifeway Christian Resources and the Virginia Beach General District Court.