Clash of the Titans

Love politics and hard hitting topics? Come out to see Regent University’s 11th Annual Clash of the Titans debate entitled “Presidential Power: Has the Executive Branch Gone Too Far?”

Get the insight look on how political figures view the government’s power and its policies, such as health care and gun control. The debate will introduce former and current members of the White House whose experiences and perspectives will give way to insightful answers as to how we should look and view the policies placed before us. Speakers for the event includes David Axelrod, Senior Strategist for Obama’s Re-election, David Plouffee, Senior Advisor to the President, Danna Perino, a former White House secretary, and Newt Gingrich, the 58th Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Be sure to purchase your tickets for Friday October 25th @ 3:30pm event over at Regent University’s Communication and Performing Arts Center. If interested in politics or want some answers on the nations topics, dine with the Titans at the Founders Inn and Spa at 7pm for a night of entertainment and a wonderful dinner.

For more information on the event visit this website