People of Regent: Liahna Woodard

Liahna Woodard. VA Beach, VA. February 2018 (David Woodard)
Liahna Woodard, V.A. Beach, V.A., Feb. 2018. (David Woodard)

“Regent is full of people, all kinds of people. You have the Theatre students, Christian Ministry students, Film students, Biophysical Science students, Education students, and Psychology students. We all have different interests, abilities, talents, likes and dislikes. But you know what? We are all here for one purpose and one main goal. We are here to learn more about the Father and hopefully reignite our passion to know Him. For most of us, however not all, we grew up in the church. As children, we are all excited about Jesus and want all of our friends to know Him. As we grow up in this world, it is hard to keep that childlike faith but, it is important to continue to strive and not be ashamed of the Gospel. Romans 1:16 says, ‘For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone believing.’ I challenge you to go deeper with the Heavenly Father during this time here at Regent. It will not be a waste!”


Kylie Kisamore is a contributor to The Daily Runner.