2013 Harvest Fest brings fall fun to campus

In the woods beside the Ordinary, Student Services held the annual Harvest Festival for all Regent students to enjoy. The sun streamed down on our beautiful campus, brightening the beautiful colors of the overflowing fallen leaves, creating the epitome of a perfect fall day. The chilly breeze was noticeably cooler than it has been recently, but still made for an overall lovely afternoon. The refreshment bars were loaded with tasty treats from hot apple cider and pumpkin treats, to chili and cornbread. Country music rang throughout the woodsy area by the Ordinary all through the evening and toward the end of the event, some of the students even took to line dancing, though most preferred to watch.

Apple Bobbing, an old harvest-time tradition dating back hundreds of years, was one of the popular events of the evening. All of the students gathered around in a crowd and watched in anticipation as the contestants plunged headfirst into buckets of apples. Jacob Ragsdale won the first contest and Caleb Barnhart won the second. Barnhart said that up until his last apple he couldn’t see how anyone else was doing; however, upon approaching his last apple, he noticed that everyone else was still hard at work plucking apples from their basins. He then realized that he might actually have a shot at winning. Barnhart comments,

“Overall it was a very fun experience—the contest and Harvest Festival as a whole.”

Winners of both rounds of apple bobbing received a Starbucks gift card, compliments of Regent Student Services.

Unlike the apple bobbing contest, there was absolutely no hesitation in student’s willingness to volunteer for the pie eating contest. Students watched and laughed as the contestants stuck their faces in their pies and tried to foil one another’s pie-eating momentum. Matt Fowler took home the prize for best “pie-eater.”

In order to have a pumpkin entered in to the pumpkin carving contest, students had to submit their entries before the actual event. Voting took place throughout the evening and at the end, the winner was announced. There were some very impressive pumpkins, including one that looked to be engraved with leaves. However, the winning pumpkin, done by Ashley Cottle, was carved into a carousel.

The Harvest Festival was an enjoyable and entertaining experience where students were able to make new friends, mingle with old ones, dance, eat, laugh and simply have a good time away from their studies. Look for the Harvest Festival next year by keeping up with the Regent Student Services’ Facebook Page.