People of Regent: Josh

“Being an executive board member of SAB (Student Activities Board) is a lot of fun because you get to harass all your friends about joining SAB and coming to events that they usually wouldn’t go to People of Regent_ Josh (2)otherwise. And really, you do a lot of hard work (planning events, setting them up, and cleaning up the space afterwards), but in the end it is very rewarding. Our overall goal is to promote student happiness, and to give students something to do other than school and homework. And I think we do a pretty good job of that. My favorite event to participate in is definitely Campus-Games, which happens towards the end of the school year. It’s basically summer camp for college students. A bunch of teams compete in
themed events, earn points, and possibly win some Chick-fil-a (which is, objectively, the best prize ever). Thinking back on past events I’ve planed and the ones we have coming up, makes me so grateful for the people I’ve gotten to meet and hang out with during my time at Regent. The community here is really great and I think, that is what I am going to miss most once I graduate in the spring.”   -Josh