A Student’s Guide to Creating a Bookstagram

Ever since I was young, I have had a fondness for reading. I devoured every book I got a hold of and continued to as I grew up. Recently, I decided I wanted to share my love of books with others, so I created a Bookstagram (Book Instagram). The Bookstagram community is full of individuals who are passionate about reading and enjoy sharing recommendations with others. Starting a Bookstagram is a wonderful way to connect with that community and express your passion for books while exploring your creative side through fun posts. Here’s how to do it if you’re interested. 

Creating Your Profile

The first step when creating a Bookstagram is choosing a good handle for your account. When thinking of a handle, it is best to indicate that your account is all about books. You can make a handle based on a book pun, create a nickname centered around books, or include words such as “library,” “reading,” or “shelf” with your first name. For example, I went with the third example and landed on @daniellas_library for my Bookstagram handle. The next step is to write your bio. Here you can give a little information about yourself and the aim of your account. You could combine your favorite book quote, your reading goal, what book you are currently reading, and a little bit about yourself. There is no formula you have to use; these are just suggestions to spark ideas. 

Brainstorming Ideas 

The next step is brainstorming ideas for your first post. There is a wide range of book topics you can post, such as book reviews, what you are currently reading, your recent trip to a bookstore, a trending book challenge, and so on. For instance, my first post was a book review on Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen, and this helped me to establish my page as a Bookstagram. Your first post may seem daunting, but deciding on the theme will help ease the way into the next step in setting the stage for your new Bookstagram page.

Making Content

Now that you have your Instagram account and theme, you need to create content posts that are visually appealing and engaging. This is where the fun begins. Here’s a guide on how to produce your content: 

  1. Acquire the book you are posting about and your phone (camera). 
  2. Decide what you want as the background for your photo. It can be a blanket, the top of a desk, or even grass. If you want a more dynamic photo, you can use props to surround your book, such as flowers, a coffee mug, other books, or anything that sparks your imagination. It’s even better if the background and props match the aesthetic and theme of the book. You can do this through little touches, like adding props with colors similar to the book’s cover. Or if it’s a historical novel, you could display vintage items, such as a teacup or old letters.
  3. Once you set up your arrangement, all you need to do is capture it. After taking multiple photos, pick the best and edit it to fit the aesthetic you are going for. 
  4. The last step is creating a caption. For a “current read” post, you can tell your followers what you are enjoying about the book and ask if they have any opinions as well. You should also include hashtags, such as #bookstagram, #books, #bookworm, #reader, and #tbrpile (“to be read” pile). These will help to draw more people in to see your post. 

These steps can be applied to almost all your bookstagram’s posts, reels, and videos.

Don’t Overdo It

The most important step to your Bookstagram journey is “don’t overdo it.” Don’t try to take on too much at a time. Bookstagram is supposed to be a fun way to connect with others and share your passion for reading. Don’t pressure yourself to make posts or read when you don’t want to; that is when your account becomes a hassle. When this happens, take a step back and decide what you need to do to alleviate this pressure. Creating a schedule for when you want to post content or only making content when you feel a desire to do so is a helpful way to combat accidentally overdoing it and wearing yourself out. 

I hope this helps in your Bookstagram journey and you enjoy the community and suggestions that come from it! If you have ever thought about starting an Instagram account to share your art, photography, fashion sense, or even your love for books, my advice to you is “go for it!” Don’t let fear keep you from sharing something you are passionate about.