Top 5 Study Spots on Campus

Although procrastination remains at the forefront of college students’ minds, the irreversible truth is that assignments must be done. While we may not be able to control and choose the tasks, we can determine where we wish to complete them. Below are some of my favorite study spots around campus! 

  1. Outside at the Green Lawn Chairs

This semester, Regent set up green adirondack chairs around durable tables through the quad area surrounding the intricate lion fountain. Depending on the weather, sitting outside can be a great opportunity to provide stressed bodies with the chance to absorb some vitamin D and rejuvenate energy levels. Each space allows six people to sit comfortably, and the tables are great places for snacks and textbooks. For those who enjoy background noise while working on assignments, this spot has you covered. Sit and enjoy the rustling sound of leaves, the fountain water running, and wildlife.

  1. The Library

Nothing sets the mood for reviewing material before an exam like entering a place people visit to gain knowledge. Anxiety over WIFI connection diminishes because students are in a building and there are also numerous computers available to research online databases for projects. However, sometimes the answers do not lie in books but in connecting with experts. Employees remain at the front desk to answer questions and check out books. Additionally, students have access to the writing lab to help formulate their thoughts. The library includes three different floors with desks, couches, and separate rooms, providing perfect spots to focus on homework.

Hours: Monday-Thursday from 7:30am to 12:00am; Fridays from 7:30am-8:00pm; Saturdays 10:00am-7:00pm, and Sundays 2:00pm-12:00am

  1. Café Moka

Do you like the smell of coffee brewing? If so, this is the place to go! Café Moka sells the boost students need to complete their daily duties. It is conveniently located near the middle of campus, so once classes end, students can quickly pop inside to freshen up on notes while sipping their favorite beverages. The environment is cozy, with warm colors and decor on the walls. Plush leather sofas provide comfy spots to claim with chatter and coffee grounds echoing in the background. 

Hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 3:00pm and closed on weekends

  1. Ordinary

A great gathering place to cool off on hot days and stay warm during the cold months is in the Ordinary. Located in the Student Center across from Mocha, the Ordinary provides a collegiate dining hall feel for your study time. It is colonial-themeda two-story,  room with wooden floorboards, chairs, and tables. If Mocha is too much of a bustling distraction, the Ordinary may be your spot because it remains mellow as people venture in and out to order food from the kitchen. The cooks make everything from scratch, and the wafting scents will make your mouth water. After their busy lunch hour, the room will feel reserved and perfect for cracking open a book and resting near the fireplace. 

Hours: Monday-Friday from 11:00am to 3:00pm and closed on weekends

  1. Village

Apart from the Commons, students can visit the Village, which consists of apartments, volleyball nets, soccer goals, a basketball court, and grassy areas with picnic tables The outside picnic tables provide a great spot for studying and lunch. The area remains private enough that a person’s focus will continue without interruption but public enough that you don’t feel alone. 

As an introvert, I know how easy it is to stay inside your room, but don’t just confine yourself behind four walls. Venture out and investigate some awesome places on campus for self-studying or group projects.