3 Simple Things To Be Thankful For This Holiday Season

Is there more to be thankful for during such a season of busyness?

Are we overlooking something?

Amidst the madness of finals, travel plans, and everything that may fall in between, many of us are beginning to think of all the things that there are to be thankful for. We look forward to so much about Christmas break: friends, family, a big turkey to eat, presents, a new year, etc. It’s a season where we shift our perspectives and become a little more grateful for things we are truly blessed to have.

Defying the stereotypes of consumers obsessed with material goods, we adopt a grateful attitude towards things that hold true value and worth. We become more aware of things that can’t be bought with money, and remember to appreciate what can’t be replaced.

However, many of us fail to bring to remembrance as things for which to have thanks. With this in mind, here’s a small list of 3 common things that we can all be thankful for this holiday season.

1. Shoes
These simple coverings protect our feet from debris and germs. Though most all of us reading this have never gone without a pair of them, roughly 1.5 billion humans suffer from soil-transmitted infections, a result of having to go barefoot. They risk exposure to dangerous germs, and that cope daily struggles many of us never have, and never will experience. Though the shoes you own may not be the most fashionable, they’re something that would be nearly impossible to comfortably and safely go without during winter travels.

2. Paved Roads
Yes, we can probably all agree that Virginia Beach doesn’t always have the most efficient transportation infrastructure. However, paved roads allow us to efficiently drive from point A to point B with comfort, and move safely without having to worry about losing control of, or damaging our vehicles. In the end, these concrete paths that weave in and out of neighborhoods, cities, and towns all across America don’t help get us home for the holidays and see the people we love. Furthermore, they allow those ever important Amazon Prime packages to get from the warehouse to your front door!

3. Roofing
Pretty much every building or structure in America that people congregate in during the holidays has a roof or overhead covering of some sorts. Whether you live in a trailer or a mansion, you need not worry about battling with rain, snow, hail, or anything else mother nature throws at humanity during the holiday season. Rarely do we think of this as a blessing since it’s so often taken for granted, but it’s something that would be sorely missed, even with shoes and paved roads.

Though these things may be utterly simple in nature, they make our lives better and help us stay comfortable and safe. I know that even though we typically become more grateful, and just aware of blessings in general, it never hurts to take a step back, and grasp a fresh perspective on some truly wonderful blessings.

Phil Reynolds is the Senior Editor of the Daily Runner.