Wonder Woman

Brittany White is Wonder Woman. With her jet black hair, strong, tall figure and striking features, Brittany certainly commands attention anywhere she goes. Not only did Brittany land a job playing Wonder Woman at Six Flags (she donned the high boots, headband, and iconic wrist cuffs), she proves that you can be Wonder Woman in everyday life.

Brittany remembers the first time that she was introduced to the limelight. As a way to occupy Brittany and her two sisters, her parents set up a video camera so that the girls could entertain themselves. Brittany recalls that, for hours on end, she and her sisters would sing,dance, and act in front of the camera. As she grew older, Brittany realized that her niche is entertainment. Through music, she is able to positively touch the lives of those around her.

“All my life I had a certain sensitivity to music – colors and people make music in my head. God speaks to me through other people by giving me melodies. It is the soundtrack of my life,” Brittany says, describing her love for music. Brittany and her sisters make up Beyond the Veil, a Christ-centered music trio. With the sponsorship of Regent University, they were able to travel around the United States showcasing their musical abilities, averaging 70 shows per year.

On one occasion, Brittany was invited to perform at the Christian Broadcasting Network’s revival event, 7 Days Ablaze. Brittany recalls that while she enjoys creating music and has a passion for God, she never wanted to be a worship leader. “I never wanted the responsibility of bringing someone into the presence of God,” Brittany admits. During her involvement with 7 Days Ablaze, Brittany experienced a revelation. She says, “Seeing people sing back lyrics that weren’t mine kinda kicked me in the butt. Musicians love when the audience sings back their lyrics. Hearing them sing to God made me realize it wasn’t about me and it should never be just about me.”

Brittany speaks boldly on her love for others. Music is a way for her to reach the hearts of the broken. She says, “I’m not me without music.” Music has found its way in every area of Brittany’s life. Brittany knows that music will help reach those who are hurting.

“My purpose, my niche, is preparing hearts for transformation and healing. Everyone has to deal with pain and I love when people understand that they can still love God in their pain.”

Since her experience with 7 Days Ablaze, Brittany accepted an invitation to be the Transformational Worship Leader for God Crazy, a women’s conference group. Brittany will travel with the God Crazy team putting on conferences to build the confidence of young women across the nation. She and her sisters will also release another album focusing on the various relationships women experience throughout their lives. This strikes a chord with Brittany, who encourages women to stand with integrity, strength, and love, just like Wonder Woman!

Brittany learned, though, that walking the same walk as Wonder Woman is not an easy task. When wronged by those close to her, she struggled with forgiveness and giving control to God. Yet, overcoming rejection only strengthened her and encouraged her to practice loving those who were in pain. Brittany says, “The only way we can change the world is by befriending those around us.”

Throughout her life, Brittany says there were poignant moments that defined who she is. She recalls one moment that occurred at a party while she was a senior in high school. During the party, a volley ball rolled into a nearby swimming pool and Brittany reached in to grab it. She stretched over the pool, but could not grasp the ball. She called out to her dad who was also in attendance at the party. Brittany’s dad held her hand as she leaned further over the pool and finally fetched the ball. Some of the boys at the party hollered and hooted afterwards that Brittany’s dad should have dropped her in the pool as a prank. Brittany’s father responded, “I’ve spent years building up trust, why would I break that now?”

From moments like these, Brittany learned what she ultimately wants out of life. Brittany understands that having strong ties with family and friends helps during difficult times in her life. When the music industry (and life in general) gets crazy, Brittany knows how to approach the situations. She wants to stand with integrity and encourage people not to lose their hearts when life gets tough. Recently married, Brittany is excited to start a family and looks forward to the type of family her children will grow up in. When she encounters difficult moments, Brittany stops and asks herself, “What kind of legacy do I want to leave? So, I will strive for integrity in all I do.” Just like one of her favorite superheroes, Brittany will fight for good. Wonder Woman, indeed.