Ways to Relieve Allergies

If you are like me and must avoid certain activities because of allergies, here are four tips to help you stay active during this season:

1. Buy over-the-counter medicines

Make sure to buy a long-lasting nasal spray like Nasacort to clear out your sinuses. However, be careful how often you use them because decongestants help for short periods and are not meant for consistent use. There are also helpful allergy medicines like Claritin, Xyzal, and Zyrtec, which can reduce symptoms. While the name brands can be a little pricey, the generic brands are typically cheaper and work just as well. You can find most of these medications at most pharmacies. 

2. Take a shower after coming inside

Taking a shower cleans off pollen and other allergens collected throughout the day. If pollen leaves your skin itchy, make sure to use a nourishing body wash to help relieve dry skin. Don’t forget to wash and scrub your scalp to get rid of pollen trapped in your hair. Taking a hot shower will especially help because the steam is suitable for clearing up a stuffy nose and relaxing. 

3. Drink hot tea

The steam from hot tea can also help relieve irritated sinuses and soothe a sore throat. This is a great remedy because it is delicious, and there are many flavors for people who do not like black tea. Honey also has many health benefits, so adding it to your tea can help your symptoms clear quicker. One of my personal favorites is black tea with sugar and honey, which is incredibly soothing when my allergies leave me feeling drained.  

4. Take Vitamin C supplements

Boosting your immune system with some vitamin C always helps by keeping your body working at full capacity. You can buy Vitamin C supplements in gummy, pill, and liquid form. Or, if you prefer, buy orange juice or citruses (lemons, oranges, grapefruits) to add more Vitamin C to your diet. 

If you try these methods and still have no relief, seeking an allergy specialist may be beneficial.