Top Ten Road Trip Snacks

Fall break is almost here, and many of you are probably preparing for a long drive. As a self certified snack tester and experienced traveler, I created a list of ten road trip snacks that are perfect for long car rides! 

  1. Gatorade: Although not technically a snack, gatorade is a road trip staple for me because I often struggle with staying hydrated on long drives. You will never find me on a road trip without at least one bottle of Gatorade! 
  1. Veggie straws: These chips can be a healthy choice for your drive, and they come in a variety of flavors! These are not too messy but do leave crumbs. 
  1. Peanut M&Ms: In my opinion, peanut M&Ms are superior to others. I like to grab these when I have a couple hours left. They provide the perfect  boost of energy for the last leg of your trip and take the edge off of hunger. 
  1. Applesauce pouches: I wish I had discovered these sooner! Applesauce pouches are a relatively mess free, healthy snack.They make long stretches between meals easier to handle. 
  1. Cheese sticks: This delicious snack requires some planning (I recommend a small cooler) but is worth it. I personally enjoy the entertainment of peeling the stick apart! 
  1. Meat sticks: These are great to pair with an applesauce pouch and cheese stick. They’re small, mess free, and give energy for the drive.
  1. Mini cucumbers: If you’re like me and love cucumbers, these make a great addition to your trip. They give a nice crunch as well as keep you nourished and hydrated.
  1. Jalapeño Potato chips: These delectable chips have been in my snack rotation for over five years! Although they are messier than an apple, the subtle spice, crunch, and overall flavor keeps me awake. 
  1. Flaming hot Cheetos: Like the jalapeño potato chips, I’ve taken this classic chip on my adventures for several years. This is my go to snack to keep me alert. If these are a part of your trip, I recommend bringing baby wipes!
  1. Chocolate-covered espresso beans: Last but not least this caffeinated snack is exactly what I need to complete any drive over three hours. As a coffeeholic, this treat is perfect for me. 

Each item on this list has gone through rigorous testing and has accompanied me on several cross-country road trips. I hope you give them a try!