Top 5 Random Holidays in October

Welcome to the month of October! There are tons of different holidays to celebrate in October, and below are five of the best. 

October 1 – International Coffee Day

“But first, coffee.” 

The coffee beverage has become known in our world as one of the most basic staples in everyday life, so naturally, it has its own day! Though no one knows the true origin, the most renowned coffee legend takes place in the coffee forests of Ethiopia. The tale tells of a farmer whose goats ate a special type of bean/berry that kept them up all night. The farmer shared this discovery with his local monastery abbot who, after turning the berries into a liquid, told other monks about his special drink that could keep someone awake through continual hours of prayer. Whether this legend is fact or fiction, it is true that coffee beans became a valuable trading item by the 16th and 17th centuries and have certainly not lost their appeal among Americans.

In 2014, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) proposed the idea of an International Coffee Day, during which countries around the world could focus on marketing awareness. This motion was formally passed with the agreement to annually celebrate International Coffee Day on Oct. 1 beginning in 2015.

October 18 – National Chocolate Cupcake Day 

Yes, it’s true! The chocolate cupcake has its own holiday!

Whether it is an office party or a baking competition, chocolate cupcakes have most certainly become a staple in American baking. They are made constantly for events, competitions, and personal entertainment. The first chocolate cupcake recipe was written by Amelia Simmons in 1796 and published in her cookbook titled American Cookery. However, the name cupcake was not used until 1828, when the term appeared in Eliza Leslie’s cookbook. Since that time, many variations of chocolate cupcake recipes have been created and sold. Lookup a chocolate cupcake recipe and bake a few for your friends and family to celebrate the day! 

October 23 – Boston Cream Pie Day 

Have you ever tried a Boston cream pie? If not, today is definitely the day! 

The Boston cream pie is a well-known dessert that originated in the Parker House Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts! Chef Sanzian is known as the creator of the pie. During that time, the words cake and pie were used interchangeably, so even though it looks like a cake, the classic dessert has maintained its original name. 

When the pie was first created, chocolate frosting was a relatively new discovery. This allowed the dessert to have a renowned novel impact. On Dec. 12, 1996, the Boston Cream Pie was declared as the Massachusetts State dessert. Celebrate National Boston Cream Pie Day baking or buying the beloved treat! 

October 26 – National Pumpkin Day 

It’s fall which means it’s pumpkin season! This includes pumpkin pies, drinks, desserts, patches, decorations, clothing items, and so much more! 

If you didn’t know, the pumpkin is a winter squash that has become the key symbol for an entire season! The name “pumpkin” has an interesting history that begins with the Greek language. Originally, the Greek word for pumpkin was “pepon” which means “large melon.” The French changed the name to “pompon,” and the English called it a “pumpion.” However, it wasn’t until British Colonists heard of the squash that it became known as a pumpkin. 

One of the common ways Colonists are said to have eaten pumpkins is by cutting off the top and filling the orange center with a combination of honey, milk, and spices. Though millions of Americans buy pumpkins every fall, very few plan to eat them as other countries do. Pumpkins in America are largely used for decoration. Our country grows an average of over 1.5 billion utilizable pounds of pumpkins each year.

There are many good ways to celebrate National Pumpkin Day, including going to a pumpkin patch, roasting pumpkin seeds, or carving a jack-o-lantern! Also, if you’re interested in growing your own pumpkin plant, check out this neat site that walks you through the process!

October 27 – Navy Day 
Though the U.S. Navy’s birthday is officially celebrated on Oct. 13, Navy Day is honored on Oct. 27.

Navy Day was instituted by the Navy League of the United States on Oct. 27, 1922. They chose Oct. 27 because it was President Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday. In his day, Roosevelt was the Navy’s biggest supporter. He stated, “the right arm of the United States and is emphatically the peacemaker.” Roosevelt served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy and fought hard for the Navy to be recognized with honor. Navy Day is not a national holiday. However, it has been recognized by both president Roosevelt and President Harding. To celebrate Navy Day, research or watch a documentary on the Navy or write notes to Navy soldiers thanking them for their service.

Jordan Lance

Jordan Lance

Jordan Lance is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Runner.