The podcast life and where to start

The fall weather has settled in, cuddling us all with pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and melancholy afternoons. The sun is setting sooner and sooner, and we begin to wonder if there is more to the world than homework and Netflix. Well, there is. Podcasts are the new radio, and you need to start building your subscription library if you haven’t been doing so already. While some of you may be podcast fanatics, some of you may just be stepping foot into this brave new world. Either way, here is a very small, much-loved list of podcasts you might try listening to while savoring that scrumptious PSL.

Are You Real?

For both men and women, this podcast speaks to those desiring to live an authentic life for God. Covering everything from leadership to health to Enneagram personality typing, this podcast offers practical advice from real people living out real life. #RUreal?


This lovely podcast with host Hunter Beless sets out into the adventure of Christian womanhood. Honest, open, and encouraging, this podcast covers a LOT of ground and endeavors to answer the questions that women of all ages have regarding navigating life as a daughter of the King. Interviewing women in different chapters of their walk with God, Journeywomen is the perfect companion for those who want to be challenged and built up in their faith.

The Sleeping At Last Podcast

If you are not already a Sleeping At Last fan, you may just become one after listening to this incredible musician share the making of his art. From the inspiration that founded a song to the logic behind the intricate chords and melodies, Ryan O’Neal will charm you with his personable and relaxed style and take you behind the scenes of his beautiful music. If you are a music lover, you will deeply appreciate the authenticity behind this musician’s work.

Grammar Girl

For the English nerds and struggling writers alike, this quick and useful podcast will help clear the air of all those phonetical mysteries. Though the delivery can be a bit dry, its helpfulness outweighs the awkwardness… much like those sessions with your writing tutor. Subscribe to this lifeline in preparation for those looming final papers!

Cabin Pressure

Cabin Pressure is a BBC radio show starring none other than – yes, you are reading right – Benedict Cumberbatch. For all of you in desperate need of some delicious British accent, humor, and delightful storytelling, Cabin Pressure is a whimsical and extremely funny feast of storytelling.

Of course, this is only a small sampling of the great wide world of podcasts and what they have to offer. Branch out, explore, learn, laugh, savor and let us know what your favorites are!

Emily Boulter is a staff writer for the Daily Runner.